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Our Community Members Are The Best posted by Jackson

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I've never had an issues when dealing with a CS member.


Most of us who have been collecting for a while have been burned a time or two. Sometimes it is caused by our own desires to find a hidden treasure, an undiscovered prize or a coin of value at a nice price.


Unfortunately some of the misfortune and bad dealings come from shady dealers or people who deal in the hobby for profit only or others who intentionally misrepresent or over-represent coins.


As collectors we are bombarded by scammers and schemers--whether it is: fake coins from China, cheap repos that aren't listed as "copy"; cleaned, whizzed, tooled, dipped, artificially toned, fake slabs...fuzzy or re-touched photos on-line; hidden fees, restocking fees of 25% on returns or no returns; fake slabs, 15 to 20% buyers and sellers fees; $20-$25 shipping charge for a $5 USPS priority mail package; "First Strike" labels ( which aren't first struck-just first mailed)...on and on and on...


It seems completely appropriate that PT Barnum was featured on a commemorative coin for our hobby is truly a "buyer beware" hobby where many scoundrels live and profit by the hope of a sucker being born every minute.


Now I'm not mentioning all of this because I'm angry or jaded--I'm just pragmatic, have learned a few lessons the hard way and am still an avid collector. The reason I mention all of these potential hazards in our hobby is to create a greater contrast and exemplify how great our community of collectors here at Collectors-Society is.


Whenever I wish to condense or tighten up my collection by letting a few coins go I always try and list them here at Moneymarketplace or in messages to my fellows here first. If a buyer or potential buyer gives me a reference from a regular here that almost always gives it the automatic green light of trust for a transaction. When any of the dozens of friends here vouches for someone I'm not familiar with I sure feel a lot better mailing out a coin, accepting a check or sending payment on promise of a coin as described.


So here's a toast to all of you here..cheers..it has been a great 10 years as a member..


My latest prize addition--a fantastic piece of eye-candy from a fellow member CCCoindude who is selling off most of his current collection (I hope I didn't just spam everybody). I added it to my Buffalo short set of coins which all will have some rose, pink or peachy blush toning to them--this one is the common date 1938-D but in uncommon MS67* for its above normal eye appeal...thanks again CCCoindude and to everyone else Happy Hunting.....Jackson



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That's a really nice Buffalo Nickel Jackson and I share your sentiments about the people here at Collectors Society. BTW I picked up three Morgans from CCCoindude and this MS-63 1891-S pictured here is my favorite of the three.






P.S. Happy Anniversary Jackson, may your next ten years be more fulfilling than the first!



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I agree, that is one sweet looking nickle. i also agree that some of the best people I have dealt with have come from dealings on this site. I think it speaks to our ethics as collectors. I personally would not want to have my reputation as a collector on this site be ruined by doing someone wrong.

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