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Interesting article

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From Coin World Mar. edition


In my earlier journal about the Franklin, gmarguli responded with why make a counterfeit Franklin and rightly so. I mean I would think if you were going to go to the great lengths to reproduce a coin you would choose something that you would have a chance on realizing a greater profit from, right ?! Well, in the latest issue of Coin World is an article about this young man in Texas that was apprehended making counterfeit Prospector silver rounds. Pawn shops actually took them in. Given the value of today's silver you're talking roughly 30 - 35 dollars ea. Not much different than a Franklin. My point being, it necessarily isn't the value of what the piece is you are trying to replicate, man has been making counterfeit items for as long as any item has had some intrinsic value to someone else. I really doubt that the Franklin is counterfeit, but I have never and I mean never seen a photo that threw up so many red flags before and believe me I have looked at thousands and thousands of Franklin photo's over the last 2 years. I just received notice today that it is on the way so by next week I along with everyone here will know if it was in fact the way the photo was taken, orrrrrr, it is a new variety, orrrrrrr, it is a fake. Tune in next week for the next episode of "As the Coin Turns".




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It is easier to pass on a low dollar counterfeit than a high dollar one that invites more scrutiny. When you go to the store and pay for something with a new bill, do they use the marker on your 5's or just the 20's and 100's?

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Hi Mike,


When I first saw your coin it appeared to be a weakly struck. I wondered if you’ve noticed this characteristic in the1958 issue before and could the weak strike have caused the top of the head to look flat and misshaped. Otherwise the coin looks genuine to me.


Looking forward to another photo when you receive the coin,




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