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Counterfeit 1756 Russia 1 Rouble

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I have an Counterfeit 1756 Russia 1 Rouble coin for sale. I think someone might collect them too. NGC confirmed it's not genuine, so....

I'm not sure from what it's made, but my best bet it's made from gold, so it's worth something even not genuine.

Weight 1,4g, diameter 15,9mm (approx.).

I would like to get $100 delivered. Money order, Paypal, Personal Check.


Buy at your own risk. No returns ;)





Real thing:


1756 Russia 1 Rouble

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I'm not sure how to test it (it doesn't stick to a magnet.). I'm usually buying slabbed gold, but made mistake on this one (yeah, I know - do not buy expensive Raw coins from eBay ;) ). I'm not sure about the value of this peace, but I have around $100 (trying to grade, shipping etc.) in this fake and just trying to get that $100 back.


I guess I will bring this peace to a local coin show next Sunday, maybe someone can help me there ;)

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1.4 grams of pure gold would be worth about $75. More likely it's 22kt which would make it worth about $70 in gold weight. Not unreasonable to think a counterfeit would be made of gold, a lot were.

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Well, if a $1 US Liberty gold dollar is 15mm in diameter and .76mm thick, has a weight of 1.6733 grams, and is 90% gold, that right there would tell me that a bigger coin should weigh more. Of course we dont know the thickness on this coin.


So with the coin being .9mm bigger or 5.6% bigger, I would think that the weight would be 5.6% more or it should weigh 1.77 grams. Thats being the same 90% gold and the same thickness .76mm. With a weigh of only 1.4 grams, 79% of the 90% weight, it would equal, if its gold 71.1% gold or 17karet.


If it is gold at that %, it would be worth in melt about $54 today.


I could see someone taking a piece of scrap 18K jewelry and trying to counterfiet it to receive the collector value but still have enough gold to trick some people.


I would offer you the $54 just to see.


Remember, this is just my opion and guess, I am not a math whiz or scientist, just taking some basic facts to piece together.


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Thanks Rick, I think I will try to bring it to coin show. Usually there is some guys who are buying bullion. They should be able to test it for me.

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