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Goodbye 2012!

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I accomplished my goal! Have fun with this hobby and find new and interesting pursuits to keep me immersed and still finding pleasure and relaxtion with coin collecting. Mission accomplished.


Overall I count 2012 to be a very successful one for my collection.


* Started a Bust half dime collection - love them but have a hard time affording them in the grades I want...


* Graded 89 coins in 2012 with some decent results - 1 - 69, 12 - 68's, 36 - 67's, 28 66's, 8 - 65's and few unc details.


* Clad Roosevelt's are nearing completion, but am trying to put more of my own graded coins into this set, so I've slowed down adding coins.


* December brought several top pop Silver Roosies on to my doorstep, which are currently on layaway and will bring the first plus grade coins to my set in 2013.


* Started a couple of notes sets - first a $2 Legal Tender set, because they have always been my favorite paper money series and because I can pick them up fairly reasonably and a Custom Set of obsolete notes - once again cheap, but very artisitc and chocked full of history.


My numismatic Christmas brought me Whitman's 100 Greatest US Coins by Jeff Garrett - interesting and fascinating read with great pictures! Also, received an Amazon gift card that will surely turn into another book for my library...



Can't wait to see what 2013 brings for my collection!


Happy New Year to you all and good luck to you all with the upcoming awards.




Today's pic - the reverse of my MS 64 1833 Capped Bust Half Dime - perhaps my favorite coin in my collection. Although it's also probably tied for 1st with about 100 others...



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In 2012 you did very well with your NGC submissions and even crowned the last one with a MS69. Your dime set is looking very good. My dime set is also at a slow till I send in a submission.

Good Bye 2012 -------- Good luck on finding better grades for your 2013 submissions.



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