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NGC quick Turn Around posted by Six Mile Rick

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Quarter Submission was TOUGH!!


Friends, I sent in a submission that was accepted on Monday and is already shipped and on it's way home. That sure was a fast turn around on NGC's part. My grades were O-K but really a grade shorter than I was hoping for. I did get 1 MS68PL and a group of 15 MS67s and 30 66s to start the new State Quarter set. I think there were around 5 PL coins and yes I will study them hard to see where the barrier is in the grade differences. I expect to do another submission on the State Quarters next year after I recoup from this one. This set is just for fun and the challenge of learning a little from the graders at NGC.




As I don't have my coins yet here is a PF Ohio - Same as the coin I got the MS68PL grade on.



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Sorry you didn't get quite as good as you were hoping. I went through a spell of searching OBW's and bags of the state quarters - probably over $1500 worth. I wouldn't call the process useless for me - just looking has been fun - but it was nearly fruitless. The 67's were scarce for me. ZERO 68's. No PL's ... or at least, none rating gem and worth submitting.


You can visit my registry and see just how many coins in my set are homemade (most!). Any PL I have I got via trade or cash.


68 PL for the Ohio (P I presume) is outstanding. Even though the pop would be 10/1, think of the MILLIONS of quarters folks searched back in the day. I think odds of finding high-grade state 25c are EXTREMELY LONG ... but errors more likely.


Perhaps I'll slab my NY struck thru grease some day.


Merry Kwannukhmas!


NGC: Thane

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I'll get the pic up soon as they get here next week. Hopefully I will get a little better at picking my coins. It is a fun challenge and I will continue getting MS67s or lower if I don't get the grading figured out better. I'll go blind trying!!! :)


Just getting the 4 proof likes is showing improvement on my part.


Merry Christmas to each and every one of you and God Bless!!!

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