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Ineligible Type coin --- NGC will not authenicate by John M. Robinson II

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Well, I thought I had a one-of-a-kind coin that only NGC was qualified to authenicate. . .


Here is a new one for me:


Received verification that the possible 1857 G50C piece I sent into NGC to get graded and authenicated is coming back as-- Inelible Type.


For the ones out there, and I am one of them, that do not know when NGC states a coin is an ineligible type, all payments are refunded and the coin is sent back.


I called NGC and talked to a wonderful young lady, I do not remember her name, that told me that my coin is being sent back unchecked and suggested me to find out where I could send it.


Does anyone out there know of where I can send this coin to see if it is authentic? I know I can go to my local dealers but, they will, as in the past, say that I need to send it into a TPG to be sure. All research that I have read up on about this coin, also says the same thing... only true way to know is to send it to a TPG. Hence, NGC.


I feel it is a 1857 California Gold coin or, Token. For those who know somethings about these coins -- this particular coin is paper thin.


Here is an image:



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According to "[i]California Pioneer Fractional Gold[/i]" there were no 1/2 dollar coins minted in 1857. They were made in 1856 and 1858, but not in 1857. This book is the Bible of Fractional California gold coins and is used by the TPG. Sorry to say you have a fake.

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Here's a link to an article we posted about which Cal Fractional Gold pieces we will certify. All of the "original" Cal Fractionals (struck 1852-1882) have a denomination (either 25 Cents, 50 Cents, or One Dollar) and nearly all are dated


Those struck from 1852-1857 are believed to have actually circulated, while those struck from 1858-1882 ("Period Two") were likely struck as souvenirs. Souvenirs and fantasy pieces struck after 1882 almost never have a denomination and might say things like "Gold Charm" or "1/2 Gold". With very few exceptions NGC will not certify these later pieces and will return them as "Ineligible Type" or "Back-Dated Souvenir."

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Thanks for everyone for taking time to post some comments in regards to my coin.


Here are some follow up comments:


cvcc--- The reason for me to mention my coin as a G50C is because NGC made that distinction and posted it onto the NGC site. Until then, I had no clue as to the denomination.


Max--- Thanks for the link. To me, it was too challenging. How can I determine which -- possible -- coin variation I have, if NGC does not authenticate? Another challenge that I have is when I read the terms: Almost always, mostly and should be. These terms, as mentioned in provided comments and articles, allow an Old U.S. Marine like me to keep hope that I have a true -- period one type -- coin.


e1cnr -- The last paragraph of your NGC article states that NGC will authenticate these coins. Again, for an Old U.S. Marine, confusing.


I deeply appreciate the time that you all have taken to assist me in my adventure. As I have often stated, I learn something new each time I make a post.


Semper Fi !


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