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Where is the speared Bison??? posted by Six Mile Rick

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A busy Saturday ahead.


Friends, I ran across a mint bag of $50 Bisons. It will be a long easy search this weekend to find a spear. At $10 extra for the bag it seemed to be a deal and will fill a hole in my Top 100 if I do find one. Chances are around 1 in 5,000,000, right?? Ah what the heck---worth a look for sure.





Here is a pic of a non - spiked ----ENJOY



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Interesting.... I am buying rolls of President $1, at cost from my "raw coin" guy. He also has about thirty bags of MS quarters. They will be my next adventure. Now, I have to see if he has any nickels.


Finding a speared Bisons seems almost impossible. I say almost. If anyone can find one, it would be you.


Semper Fi !



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Hey Rick,

I was not even familiar with the speared bison until your post. You are starting to peek my interest in finding varieties and error coins. I am always learning something from the GURU 'S on these forums... Yes Rick that includes you!!!

Good luck!!!!!


P.S. I am going to send you a PM on something I am tryng to finish...

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I believe they found the first of these in Texas, back in 2005? I believe it is a gouge in the die. Some more prominent the others. In years to come I believe this could be the next three LEGGER.....Although that does depend, how many their are and so on...But more than likely pretty valuable coin....Good hunting Rick....

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