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Prescott's Picturesque Penny posted by VUMC409

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MS67* RB


Normally I wouldn't even consider a RB coin for my Lincoln Memorial set. However, I saw this coin offered by Great Toning out of Massachusetts and had to have it! He let me buy it on terms and I made the final payment today. The coin should be here some time next week.


Great Toning () let me use his pictures from the eBay listing to create this montage for viewing.


Currently, the coin garners a measly 78 points in the registry but I'll be submitting for points review and hope it gets close to the 1609 points awarded to the MS67RD. It is a top pop grade of only 2!


Feast your eyes on this and let me know what you think.



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That's really a nice coin. The color is spectacular and deserving of a star grade. On the other hand there is NGC's method to the madness that no one can figure out when it come to points.That a coin like yours should receive 78 points is a crime. I hope the slot review comes out in your favor. All the best and congratulations on such a great find.


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I agree with Gary. It is a travesty that this coin would receive only 78 points. I would have to think the disparity between points will certainly be in your favor.


This coin is drop dead gorgeous!! All of the memorials from 59-79 are relatively rare in 67 or higher grades, so I fail to see how an MS 67 coin no matter whether it was a B an RB or RD would make all that much difference.


Good luck with the review!!





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Please don't get me wrong here. Your coin is GORGEOUS..... if you like rainbows. But It certainly wouldn't fit into my collection. I've been collecting Lincoln Memorials since I was a boy scout over 35 years ago. I started out with a whitman blue folder and pennies from change, then upgraded to a whitman blue album with slides to protect the red ones. Now my collection is housed in a Dansco album. I have a very nice (but raw) collection of all original RED GEMs. I'm sure most would grade out at MS67 or better. Over the years, a few of these coins would start to tone around the edges and I would start looking for an all red replacement. I just assumed that this toning was from a combination of possibly a light dip by the dealer to "brighten" them up, and then being stored in my Dansco where any remaining trace chemicals had a chance to react with the air/cardboard in the album. I didn't like it at all because these were supposed to be RED UNCIRCULATED coins. Any time I see rainbow color like this on a copper coin, it screams ARTIFICIAL TONING to me. Only a few of my pennies have done this, with a great majority having remained the same red color over the years. This tells me that there is nothing wrong with the album itself, but the coins must have had something on them that reacted. I threw these toned ones into a penny jar which was periodically cashed in at the bank. Can you imagine the thousands of dollars I threw away because they were ruined by that color?

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No offense taken whatsoever. Under normal circumstances I can not stand toning, unless it is even golden toning on a Jefferson Nickel. Now that does it for me. Given my current sets of Lincolns here on the registry I only have 3 toned or RB coins and they will all be upgraded at some point.


This coin just hit me when I saw it so I bought it. I too have a mostly full red (1934-current is anyway) Dansco album for my Lincolns. '09-'33 have scattered examples of red in the mix but are mostly brown coins. I understand the need to have them all red.


I continue to search for both graded and raw examples in red to fit into my sets. I have even listed criteria to go by in some of my sets and all red is definitely one of them.


Thanks for your input!

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