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Making More Room posted by Six Mile Rick

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Trades,Trades and more Trades


Friends, As I usually get a box of mint sets, proof and circulated coinage from the Cash for Silver and Gold store the pile was getting pretty high. I have sold a few and done a few trades on clusters of 15 sets or so. It's not the regular trading of usual for slabbed coins but it does work well trading the sets for raw morgans, peace dollars and cash.

My latest trade was 5 Silver Proof sets of which I traded for scrap silver; Morgans, Walkers, Franklins, and a few 64 Kennedys. Basically any junk silver or gold is good value towards any trade since I am partners with the owner of a cash for precious metals store. I am currently working on a trade of un-circulated mint sets in their mint envelopes 1968 to date for XF or better raw Morgans and Peace dollars. When I complete this trade I will need to head out to the store and restock my empty shelves with a new supply of raw mint sets. It seems to be just another way of keeping me busy in my coin collecting. Sometimes I do grab something very nice that was traded in and put that with my stash

which is slowly starting to grow. :)





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Hey Mike,

I put a sales post in the Money-Market. Check the sets for PCGS coins and give me a shout if you want to do a trade.


Later Bud---Rick


You can click on the red signature line below to get to my page and view all the sets for trade or sale.

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Sorry if I'm a little paranoid but what keeps things honest and prevents getting shafted. Or is this the wild west buyer beware. Would love to trade but not sure about it.

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I have made 2 trades with people here. I shipped first on faith and got my trade a day or 2 later. I would scream on every thread here who screwed me. That keeps it honest. If they are regular posters and been here awhile, I think you are safe.

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