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A few new additions to the collection! posted by coinsandmedals

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Odd looking PCGS holders.


Over the past week and a half I have had the opportunity to add a few nice certified coins to my collection without my budget taking too big of a hit. I have gathered a total of 8 more certified Coins, and a total of 4 raw coins. I would add more pictures but I think it might to a bit overkill. I have added a picture of a 1938 D Buffalo nickel graded MS-65 in an old PCGS rattler. My question for this coin is if you guys think it is worth the time and effort to send it to CAC. I apologize in advance for the poor quality pictures but it's the best I can do for now. I also picked up two PCGS franklins in old holders that I have never seen before; they are almost the same size and width of an NGC slab. I managed to fill a few coins to my 7070 but I have not had the chance to add to my large cent collection, it seems to me a harder to task to buy early copper without holding the coin in hand. If you guys want to see pictures just let me know and I will be happy to post them!

So this is what I picked up....

1945 S Wheat cent NGC MS-67 RD

1961 Franklin PCGS PR-65 CAC

1963 Franklin PCGS PR-65 CAC

1957 Franklin PCGS Rattler PR-66

1938 D Buffalo PCGS Rattler MS-65

1962 Franklin NGC PF-64 old fatty holder with neon blue edge toning

1959 Franklin PCGS PR-65 Odd looking old holder

1959 Franklin PCGS PR-66 Odd looking old holder

The following are all raw coins.....

1875 S twenty cent piece AU

1939 Mirror Proof Canadian dollar

1841 Large cent AU-UNC

1805 Large 5 half cent VF






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Congrats,you have quite a few nice additions.I personally would not submit the buffalo to CAC,not to say it would not sticker I just dont think it would gain financially.Besides that do you need CAC to tell you if you like the coin?Just my opinion!!

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I agree. I don't really see the value in CAC grading. It's possible that this coin could be better than MS 65 - perhaps it would warrant a cross over to NGC or a review at PCGS.


You make me envious with the half dime - wow 1805 in VF - sweet coin. I'd love to see that one!!!



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I wish I had an 1805 half dime in VF, that would be a great coin! I really like the early silver but besides the half dollars I find the pricing to be a bit more than I can justify or afford. I actually have an 1805 large five half cent in VF, I really want an AU but I only paid AG price for this one so I couldn’t pass it up. I understand where you’re coming from about rather or not I need CAC to tell me that I like the coin, and the answer is absolutely no. It’s rather send the coin in for a possible upgrade or send it to CAC; I was thinking CAC just to keep the history behind the holder. These rattler holders are a bit of a hassle for me to store due to the fact that they don’t fit correctly in the new boxes; does anyone have a suggestion on how to store them safely without them sliding everywhere?

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Nice coins but as far a CAC goes, to me it doesn't add any value whatsoever to a coin. You are just paying another grader money to grade a coin that has already been graded. IMO CAC won't even be around in 10 years or less. They are trying to sell the numismatic world a green bean of BS but some are buying it. But then again you know what they say, "One is born every minute" hm



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Nice pickups! Feel free to add photos or start a thread in the US section to show them off.

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