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The agony

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My 1st Submission


My 1st Submission


I've been working on assembling top ranked mint sets for the years 1971 and 1967. The '71 set has come along nicely and quickly except now I've come to the point where I'm looking at shelling out big bucks for the coins I'd like to have. Circulation strikes of Lincoln cents in these years tend to be rather expensive in MS 67 RD.


Over the last couple months I have bought quite a few raw '71 and '67 Lincon Cents and figured that since I was a Collector's Society member I might as well take advantage of direct submission privileges - that way I'd save money by having these Lincoln Cents "Self-Made". Of course I'm new to collecting and don't know shinola about grading, and up to this point, I admit, probably have bought the holder and not the coin as some like to say.


NGC received my six coins for grading on 6/11/12. -- A G O N Y -- and a week later the results:


Coins for NGC Invoice Number 2581230



002 1971 S 1C MS 66 RB

003 1971 S 1C MS 65 RD


005 1967 1C MS 65 RB

006 1971 D 1C MS 65 RD



I was disapointed with the results, but now in hindsight, and with the coins back in hand I can see the grades are proper. From the coins I had accumulated I esentially looked at each and pulled the ones that to my eyes had the least amount of blemishes, and the best appeal. I knew the '67 Cent wouldn't come back RD as I liked this one for its purplish toning. I thought all the '71s were RD. The '43 I threw in as an afterthought and was a coin I've had since I was a kid. I have not seen many MS Steelies and I truly thought this was a beautiful no-problem coin. My first so-called "Body Bag".


So, as I said, I understand and am not dissapointed at all since I learned quite a bit through this submission, the results have prodded me to aquire more knowledge in grading (just finished "A Guide Book of Lincoln Cents" by Bowers and can recommend his "Grading Coins by Photographs" as well), and certainly plan upon another submission in the near future.


Wish me luck!




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I agree with you about agony... the waiting and wondering part is always the hardest.


I did my first grading and submission for 1969 series (except the 50C). I used the lupe and my eye. Thinking I had a good set of PR68, two came back as PR67 and two came back as PF66. Like you, I threw in a 1999 1C to be graded. I have no idea as to why. I guess it was the closes coin I could reach.


There are many good collectors out there who use this posting board and I have learned a great deal. I have not had one collector who was not willing to give advise.


I used --The Official American Association Granding Standards for U.S. Coins--Edited by Kenneth Bresset. The images in the book helped me a lot.


Have fun on your adventure. Also, have a good 4th July weekend




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You have a great attitude to your collecting. I like how you have taken this submission as a lesson and not a set back. You see a lot of people get knocked back by their first attempt and they just give up. Keep up this enthusiasm and drive and you will go far!!


By the way 4 out of 6 ain't bad and they are all MS65 and over too!!

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I agree with wheat - Lincoln's are tough. I've had mixed success with them. I received a 68 when I though it would be 67 and a 65 when I thought it would be 68... I can't get the feel for them like some of the other series.

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