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Sometimes you Just Have to LOOK posted by www.silvercitycollectibles.com

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A lazy rainy afternoon looking in an old box of coins always

has a surprise or two ........


I was digging around in an old box of ANACS and PCI coins this afternoon and discovered a couple semi-treasures I did not realize that I had including the one pictured: An ANACS 1934-D DDO Large ( Filled ) D Variety in AU-55 which just recently began appearing in the Red Book as an established variety ( the large filled D being the tougher sub-variety as there is the slightly more common DDO with a smaller D mintmark ) .

I also discovered a 1963-D PCI Franklin Half in MS-65 which is clearly a D/D mintmark and maybe a D/D/D and a 1884-O PCI Morgan Dollar MS-65 which is clearly the tougher O/O mintmark and one 1881-S PCI Morgan MS-66 which surprisingly looks the grade .

There were several other MS-65 common date Morgans too boot .

So all in all some interesting finds to line up for future NGC submission .

It is I think wise for any collector to take the time to look for varieties even when looking over NGC and PCGS coins ...as once in a while something gets missed . If you are a Peace collector check out any of your 1934-D's for the DDO variety which is worth significantly more than a regular coin . The doubling appears most prominent on " In God We Trust " .

Happy Collecting !!



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It's not only things that are "missed" by NGC - they don't list varieties on the slab unless the "Variety Plus" tier is selected when the coin is submitted. In just the past year I have bought a 1946-S/S, a 1916-D/D, a 1941-D/D and a1945-P No "AW" Walking LIberty half, all in NGC slabs and none of which had the variety listed on the slab. You don't have to re-submit for grading to have the variety added, just pay for the "Variety Plus" evaluation (was $10 last year, now $12.50) and they will add the variety designation if it qualifies. I also have a few PCGS variety coins that are not recognized as such on the label, and several varieties found in pocket change or "junk silver" purchases (two 1934 DDO Washingtons and a 1943/2 War nickel in one recent batch).



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There is no telling what you find once you really learn the type you collect. You could do a 10th run through the old collection and still find varieties that jump out at ya. The treasure is there, you just gotta find it!!!



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