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A few Random Observations

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About the World Around Me



Just thought I would gather a few thoughts tied together with the loosest of collections and make a journal entry out of them:


1. Just posted my two MS PCGS 2012 Sacagawea Dollars to complete the MS set for the year. Proof set was completed with an NGC example late last month. I must say, this year's edition of the Sacagawea is a mighty fine design that really reminds me of the "Renaissance of American Coinage" period (with kudos to RWB). The Sacagawea series just keeps getting better and better and the 2012, in proof, is stunning.


2. PCGS holders just feel cheap and unsubstantial compared to NGC holders. Probably just my bias but I can never shake that impression. I do agree the services are pretty equal in their overall grading. So, the holder is what tips the balance for me.


3. I love my Kindle Fire, I am currently reading a great "free" book titled Penalty of Pride which provides a fictional account of a new war on the Korean Peninsula. Well written, well researched, and a the kind of book you cannot put down.


4. Is the SAE 2012 San Fransisco 2-coin silver proof set losing steam? there was only a 6000 set increase in the last reporting day. I figured the set would top out at a little over 200K but now I am wondering if it will make that.


5. Can't wait to get back to Pittsburgh. My Daughter and Wife will go there first, establish our beachhead while I await my retirement. My Daughter will be enrolled in the Mt. Lebanon PA School District, one of the finest in the state. My wife will be in a city she has grown to love (even though she is a native Californian), and I will be back home after 30 plus years.


Thanks for you time.




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Congratulations on your retirement and move to Pittsburgh! I have been to Pittsburgh on a few occasions and have found it to be a beautiful and delightful city. I know your family will be happy and that makes me happy for you.


Let's see now, I have one San Francisco SAE set on order, I love the yearly change in reverses on the Sacajawea Dollars, I only own the Kindle which to date has served me well, and I prefer NGC holders. That just about sums it up.


Right now it appears the world around you looks pretty good, all the best!


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Hi Malcolm


I absolutley agree with you about the 2012 Sacagawea Dollars. I received my 2012 SAC, NGC Proof 70, coin this week after I returned from another trip to Northern New York. This coin is with a early release blue label.


I purchased a second SAC 2012, NGC Proof 70, with a special Sacagawea image label. I did not know about the special label. Just for the record, I purchased this coin not only for the label but, primarily because the coin is so impressive and at a low price.


I only need two more NGC Proof 70 coins (2001 and 2008) to complete this set. This will be the first set that I have completed since starting collecting coins in November 2011. I will have my NGC PR70 Sacagawea set done by the end of this August.


Best wishes on your newest adventure and retirement.


Semper FI !




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Gary, Jack,

Thanks for the well wishes, unfortunately the retirement is still a couple of years off. My wife and daughter will head east soon and I will be a frequent flyer for those couple of years. Wish it could be sooner but we need to maximize the pension. (:



Write up a journal entry when you finish your that SAC proof set, we'll all want to give you a proper BZ for your efforts.






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Hi Malcolm,


Best of luck on the retirement...even if it's a couple years away. That is right around the corner. I can go in 3 years but I can stay for a total of 12 more years before mandatory retirement.


I am with ya on the Kindle Fire...I got mine for my birthday and love it. Our public library system in Reno (Washoe County) is quite good and they have a large digital selection including current releases.


I am also watching the count on the SF SAEs...very interesting! I think there might be a mad dash in the last week. 2 of those in the counter are mine.




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