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2 Presidents and an error

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Greetings one and all

Received to new coins today. First was my latest addition to my Kennedy collection. A chilling frosted clad Mr. Kennedy that looks fantastic and secondly another presidential addition to my Lincoln shield cents my 2012 Mr. Lincoln. If you notice,

Mr. Lincoln is mounted backwards, what NGC calls a mechanical error. I called NGC and they will take care of it naturally.

Side Note: The 2012 Lincoln Shield seems to be a hard coin to find in PF70UC which makes this acquisition all the more desirable.


Great luck in finding that next coin for your set





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Hi Mike,


Great additions you picked up!


And please forgive my ignorance (shrug) ...I don't collect the pennies so I don't understand about Abe being mounted backwards...please educate an uninformed collector. :gossip:


Thanks Mike


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Hi Jeffrey;

thanks and to answer your question. These particular Lincoln's are what is referred to as Union Shield cents. The first two issues have been graded and displayed with the shield on the front of the slab to highlight it. As you can see, they "goofed" on this one. I called NGC and they acknowledged it was a mechanical error (mistake) and to send it back and they would "take care of it". Hope this answered your question.


take care my friend



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Mike -


Nice coins and I can see how easy it would be to goof on the Lincoln's - imagine slabbing all the other coins with the portrait out and then having to remember to flip these... So many ways to foul up!


One of my submissions this year had three coins in the wrong holder when it came back - they were all dimes, but the dates didn't correspond to the holder.



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