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Transported Back In Time

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to a time when the mint made me very happy



I received a well-worn bicentennial quarter in change yesterday and it got to me to thinking about all the excitement in the hobby when the Mint, after so many years hiatus, decided to issue commemoratives again. Sure it was only the reverse but they were commemoratives and we (me and the rest of the hobby) could not wait.


Turns out the designs chosen, after a national competition, were pretty ordinary with the quarter being head and shoulders above the Half and Dollar. But, they still paved the way for all the commemoratives we have today and I still felt a great deal of excitement when I flipped old George and saw the Revolutionary War Drummer looking up at me.


This hobby continues to amaze me with the joy, both big and small, it brings me everyday. Hope all your numismatic finds are wonderful as well.





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My wife has collected these bicentennial quarters for the past 15 years.not MS or proofs just the ones from change.It keeps her happy,and when shes happy I am happy :) The last I counted we had about $500 worth

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nice coin you posted and my uncle used to just hoard these away, he just liked the design and the fact they weren't being made anymore

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