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1991 D BU Kennedy Half & 1991 Mint Sets

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BU, Butt Ugly that is....


I love to peruse mint sets for top pop beauties and almost every year from 68-2004 has some winners and some losers. However, the 1991 sets take the cake for absolute horrible coins - what happened in 1991, die the quality assurance department get reassigned, take say the year off for vacation, was it the 30 year bubble of retirees leaving the Mint?


Most all of the coins from 1991 I look at are just plain awful. I mentioned in my last post an MS 50 Kennedy, see the picture below and you be the judge. You'll have to take my word on it that this coin was really cut from an original mint set. I would be ashamed to sell this coin! Heck I'm almost ashamed to take it to the bank and ask for my 50 cents back, they may only give me 45 cents...


On the flip side received my membership coupon grades back from NGC today-


1971-D 50C MS 66

1972-D 25C MS 66

1995-P 10c MS 67 FT

2000-P 10c MS 67 FT

2000-D 10c MS 68 FT


Overall, I'm happy, but hoped for better on the first two. Still learning the ropes outside my expertise - Roosies.


Have a great evening and I'd love to hear your thoughts about this gorgeous Kennedy Half your about to feast your eyes on...



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Hmm, Must be another coin that dadams Border Collie got a hold of and no one said anything.


I'll let you know if I run across any 1991 sets.



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