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NGC MS67RD 1971S Lincoln Memorial Population of 25 posted by hunter's gold

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Replaced the MS66RD example


Hi everyone. This is the latest addition to my Lincoln Memorial set a NGC MS67RD 1971S example with a population of 25 with none graded higher. This particular coin starts a series of Lincoln Memorials through the early 1980's where most of the top population coins only receive 20 registry points. Not sure why this is and hopefully NGC will adjust the scores someday. This particular example has lots of mint luster with fire red tendrils fanning out towards the edges. I hope you enjoy my picture and as always, thanks for looking and Happy Collecting



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I have pushed that button named Request Score Correction just twice and both times was when the points were so far off from where they should be compared to the same rarity of another type, and they changed the scores and they more reflected their rarity and value.


I think they wait for people to push that button before they do any revisions to any points.


I own a 1953 25C PF68UC and it has 2414 points and there is just 1 PF69UC out there and it only garners 2950 points. If that coin was in someone's set and they asked for a correction it would probably jump to 4000+ points as that coin is a POP1 and sold for $13,800. Or they could lower the points that my coin gets but that may not even happen ever.


I would ask if I were you, and if the grading gods allow you may just get a nice little bump in points. Like they mean anything to anyone anyways.


BTW nice coin, always great to obtain that top pop keep up the good work. :banana:

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I whole heartedly agree that this coin deserves more than 20 registry points. While I know there are hundreds of millions of these coins out there and probably thousands of OBW rolls unsearched, these are still very tough to find in higher grades. The 60's and 70's Memorial cents are usually just plain ugly...63 or less.


Maybe the thought is that the sheer volume of coins will make the population baloon at some point. I don't know, but I do know this is one fine example of a tough coin and a great set for it to call home!

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