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A very new collectors Journal Entry

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I've always had an interest in coins, but never persued the desire . . . 'till now. I'm not big on writing in journals, on blogs, etc., yet thought it may be nice to record the development of a coin collector from scratch. And so, herewith, I begin.


I've this old black case I've had since I was a kid with a mish-mash of old foreign coins that my step-dad gave me. I remember going through them trying to figure out where they all were from, what denominations they were, putting them in plastic cases and arranging and sorting them out. It was fun. Gradually, the black case went into the closet, then the attic, then I gave it to my nephew, then he gave it back - not interested. I neither was too interested in the old foreign coins and so the black case went back in the closet. Got married - had a kid - moved a couple times - work, work.


I found my old black case recently and started poking through the coins and it seemed to rekindle that old interest. I bought a few silly little things I thought I might like - A 1971 Brown Ike, couple of sample slabs w/1964 coinage, a TPG'd 1971-D MS66RD Lincoln Cent.


Then one day I ran across this: "1971 D Roosevelt Dime - NGC certified MS 67 FT Gem!! ** RARE **". Intrigued I Google'd a few of the terms in the title listing to research and learn more about what made this coin "RARE". The Search results returned a link to Member Journal Entry: 1971 D NGC MS 67 FT Roosevelt Dime By: TD Henson ( http://www.collectors-society.com/JournalDetail.aspx?JournalEntryID=10692 ). I bought the coin and on TD Henson's advise became an Associate Member of Collector's Society.


Since I bought Mr. Henson's Roosevelt Dime I've decided to focus on the years 1964, 1971, and 2007 - the bith years of my wife, myself and child respectively. By becoming a member of Collector's Society I have gained access to a wealth of information. I read everyone's Journal entries, peruse the Boards, study NGC's Census Reports, and have started building my own sets. I've learned I am partial to Circulation Issues, I've learned what grades I want to populate my sets with, and I've learned that some of what I want can be expensive.


I bought Mr. Henson's coin on 22 FEB 2012, bought quite a few other things since to add to my sets, and now I'm going to settle back and learn a bit more, take my time and maybe write a journal entry every now and then to let you all know how it goes.



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That sure is a swell dime you got from Todd. Good luck in your future endeavors and we are glad to have you hanging with us. Welcome Aboard.



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