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has anybody seen this variety

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A 72 in the reverse field of 1967 1c sms


I have searched for this variety and haven't found any info about it.

ther is a 72 in the reverse field underneath lincoln memorial.

the 7 is fairly prominent and the 2 is barely legible.

the coin is a 1967 1c sms ngc ms 68. I purchased the coin through Teletrade. here is a link to the page.

you can use there magnifier to see the 7 http://www.teletrade.com/coins/lot.asp?auction=3239&lot=1248



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Well I will still stand by the altered surfaces as there is no way the mint decided to number their coin output. I have seen numbers stamped on coins before and I am surprised that this is in a regular holder.----Must have been a slack day at NGC that day.



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it may be an interesting conversation piece and worth holding on to.


It is definitiely a surface alteration or even graffiti since it was not struck this way ( the 7 is concave and not a raised 7 which is the giveaway that it is not from a strike but instead was "cut/hammered" into the coin) If it had been a raised 7 then that would have been very curious and probably made the coin quite valuable.


You may find a specialty collector on ebay who would like to own it. I'd set a BIN price or a reserve at a little more than you paid for it. Otherwise, hold onto it..like I said, a unique piece for a slabbed coin and a conversation piece......

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