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Just talked to Kerry Fine aka (WKF)

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He wanted me to pass along this news


Greetings all,

It had been a long while since I've heard from him and now I know why.

Gave Kerry a call tonight and it was really great to talk to our friend from the CS. I had sent Kerry a few personal messages from the board here that went unanswered and now I know why. Kerry is no longer a member of the CS. He wanted me to pass along a few notes to all his friends.

First Kerry is going thru a difficult time at the moment. He has been out of work for a number of months and his house is taking everything, and he means everything to just keep his head above water. He has now decided to try to sell his house and at least walk away with a little profit while he can. He has not had the funds to renew his membership here at the CS (Collectors Society) nor has he had the funds to do anything in the coin world. He wanted me to not only pass along the above news on why he hasn't been here but also why he hasn't answered any contacts. Unless he had your regular e-mail address he didn't know how to contact you. Kerry told me to say on his behalf that he would love to hear from everyone and please write him at the following e-mail address: wkfine@yahoo.com

Tonight Kerry and I talked about our Franklins (as usual) and other coins and collections as well. He seemed in fine spirits, just is up against it right now. (we all have been there)

So please take a moment out of your day and write Kerry. He really misses everyone here.


Now one more item: I would like to suggest something to everyone here on the board. Most of you know Kerry and if you were lucky maybe even talked to him thru messages a time or two. Anyway, I am suggesting that each of us "help" Kerry renew his membership for another year. I am proposing that we each send 5 or 10 dollars (whatever you can afford) to Kerry with a note to him stating this is for his renewal for his membership to the CS. One of "our" guys is in need of help but he would never ask and shouldn't. That's part of being family here on the board. Even if you can only swing a buck or two I think together we can make this happen for Kerry.

His mailing address is:

Mr. Kerry Fine

13230 Huguenot Lane

Jacksonville, FL. 32225

So I am asking each of you to reach out and help a fellow buddy. I know it would sure put a smile on his face.

I am mailing mine out tomorrow, who will join me ????


Thanks to everyone.


Mike (moondoggy)


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I do not know Kerry but, I have been in his shoes. I lost my house about three lives ago. I have come along way since then and I am certain Kerry, too, will get through this hurtle of our modern way of life.


I will send him a short email from time to time asking for his suggestions in regards to the coin world.


I will also send a M/O for $20.00 out tomorrow as well. As I said, been there, done that. It is nice to know that now I can give back.


Thanks for the heads up and suggestion.


Best wishes,



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