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1853 arrows dime

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what do youi think of this dime?


I can't tell if a strikethrough, ex-jewelry, or just tooled?


the strike seems strong - any tricks to tell if business strike or proof?




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The coin has damage at 12 o'clock for sure. It looks dark for a possible coat of artificial toning, but that may be because the photo exposure was affected by the use of a white paper towel for the background.


To whether or not it's a Proof, that is hard to tell from the photo. I'd have to see it in person. Here is an 1858 dime that is graded PR-65. If that 1853 dime is a Proof, it is a rare item.



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to me, the reverse looks like it has been repaired since the denticles are not the same size or shape, the obverse is wierd because the denticles appear to be pushed in and then below that a blob of metal, if that blob is actually flush with the field of the coin then I would say that a clamp was used to mount this coin at some point.

No matter what... I like and I am sure you do too

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