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There is hope after all

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For those that had their ASE sets on B.O.


Had 2 sets on B.O. from the mint with order number starting with 3838**** and it looks like they will be arriving. Charges just went thru this morning on my charge card for them. So keep the faith everyone on back order and maybe Christmas comes early.


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Hi Mike,


That is great to hear you are able to get a couple sets from the Mint! I just received my sets from NGC last Saturday. Man, I was like a kid in a candy store!! I spent 2 days going over the coins and the display boxes. The Mint did a fine job putting them together.


As with selling...from your previous post...I am going both ways. I am selling some now as individual coins. That will leave me with two 70s and a 69 set that I am holding on to. I will most likely only sell the extra sets if we run into a finacial need in the future...I found that I like the sets way too much to flip all of them.


Enjoy them Eagles


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There is truly hope, just as Moondoggy stated!

My Mom's order was placed on 10/27/11 9:45 am PST and then was canceled on 11/18/2011. My Mom is old school and does not used credit cards so mine was used. The mint said the billing address did not match the shipping address so the credit card company denied the transaction. I called and the credit card, they said the sale was authorized but the mint canceled the sale. Went back and forth with the mint regarding one who really canceled the sale. Fustrated I gave up, I bought five sets so I was going to split half with my Mom.

On 11/23/11 the Mint called and said the sale can be reinstated. Got the sets on 11/30/11 and shipped out to NGC for grading on 12/01/11. Sorry for the long post but hope came through when I thought it was lost.

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