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Query About Best Route for "Flipping"

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First, please don't hate me! If you're going to rant about flippers ruining the hobby, go post on a different thread.


Okay, that out of the way ... I've never speculated before on coins, nor has my brother, but he and I both bought a few extra sets of the 25th anniversary SAEs. We're trying to figure out the best way to maximize secondary market returns.


One simple option is that Modern Coin Mart is offering $60 over cost on any set shipped to them in Mint-sealed boxes. Seemed a bit low to me, but then again, on 5 sets it's get to keep a set for free (if you bought 6 ... err, a friend bought one for you). But they're demanding confirmation number and last name by the end of today and then you're locked in to sending it to them.


Then I saw that APMEX is offering $425 a set, but that's only on >$100k, which obviously I don't have, so I haven't called them to see what it would be for just a few sets.


Then there's eBay which seem to already be going around $450+ a set which I'd expect to increase to at least $500 over the next few months.


But then there's also the question of grading - should we sent a few sets into NGC or PCGS to get graded? Neither of us are members, and neither of us have ever done it. Looking, NGC's pricing looks better and they're offering the labels. And on the secondary market, -70s seem to generally command 2x of -69s.


My brother got 4 sets and I got 10 (5 me, 5 a friend). I'm considering sending in 5 of mine to be graded by NGC (unopened box, blah blah) with the special label and ER. I actually want to keep 2 sets for myself. So I figured I'd then hit the 'bay with my 5 graded sets (assuming they're well matched to 69s and 70s; or go individually with "left overs") and 3 of the OGP sets.


Does that seem like the best option? I'm hoping to crowd-source the answer here because I feel bad giving my brother financial advice with coins here when I've never actually submitted anything to be graded, myself.

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Waiting to see what others say.


I purchased 3 and hope to sell 2 to cover the whole cost. I figure I will try to sell locally and see if the B&M shops are intested but as a last resort probably have to go to eBay and roll the dice.


I have only "flipped" one coin previously but it was simply an opportunity thrown in my face and couldn't pass it up.

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Im going to sell some of my sets to cover my costs... heck yea. I will also set one on the block so I can buy other coins. People of Ebay will gouge.. its their nature. What I will do is find the cheapest price and list mine for alot less..

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I have 4 sets coming


Sell one early 500 +

Sell another if the price appreciates to 700.00 early


Hold two long term


3-5 years, sell one at 1200.00


Doubled my money and have a keeper in the vault


Give the last set to my son.



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VERY IMPORANT NOTE For those of you interested in having your sets certified:


Please be advised that they must be shipped to the grading services in their unopened mail box from the mint facility in order to be labeled as 25th Anniversary. That means if you ordered 5 sets, you have to send all 5 for grading. Once the box is opened, the sets will not be worth the premium APMEX and online bidders are paying, because the coins cannot be pedigreed after that. Thus, you cannot keep one and sell the rest, and maintain their value, unless you are having them certified. The only way you could do it is if you placed 5 separate orders for 1 set and they are then mailed to you separately. The extreme hassle of this entire process, from start to finish, makes up a portion of the extra premium these sets command in the early days of release.


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