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Just got off the phone with the Mint and more

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Says one thing means another


Greetings all speed dialers;

Went to check the status of my order today and the status said it was on hold which was explained earlier in a journal. (all orders are placed on hold) then looking at the bottom it stated backordered, expected ship date 11/11/2011. (is that an omen ... 11 11 11)

the lady at the Mint told me that if it states backordered it will NOT ship before 4 - 6 weeks from yesterday, period. She then informed me that they were instructed at 4:00 pm to start putting the rest of the incoming orders on a waiting list. Then she said if you got an order in before the 4:00 pm EST time you should be good. I know the key word there is "should" but that's all she would say.


I also have to echo Gary's words on the way this was

handled !!!!


Also on another note I don't know how many of you received the offer from ModernCoinMart on purchasing these sets for them for a $60.00 profit per set back to you but I did received such offer but did not participate in it. I am sure there were many who probably did participate and by doing so hurt the chances of the common collector. I don't know about everyone else but $60 or $300 bucks to screw a fellow collector seems wrong. They actually wanted you to place an order for the max (5 sets) for them.

This is the second time I have received such email from MCM.

Oh well, I guess there's a catch and a crawl for everyone.....


I truly hope all of the regular collectors out here get at least one set.


Moondoggy (Mike)


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There were only 100,000 issued, so everyone who wants one will not get one. Further, everyone wanting to get one for $299.95 from the Mint was in the same boat yesterday. The 5-set limit placed on orders created a natural supply and demand situation for dealers, who need hundreds of sets to have them graded in bulk. Therefore the value of the sets was instantly more than the mint was asking. APMEX has been offering $425 per set since 12pm yesterday.

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I had received a email from MCM thay offered $60.00 perset asking form 5 set, I put there offer in the bin were all offer go. I was hoping to receive only one set, but i do not think this is going to happin now. you know $300.00 dollars to me is a lot of money for me to shell out, Being retied, the retirement money is not going up but it is going down each year, and there are a lot of collectors that are in the same boatthat i am, and for the 10% of the dealers doing this to us are just sticking it to the rest of us, yes i have to stand with Moondoggy (mike). Amarillo (Don)

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