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Coin hobby slang words and abbreviations!

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Please post any slang words/abbreviations and their meaning in this thread. When reading this forum, new collectors, such as myself, have a hard time figuring out the definition or meaning of certain slang words or abbreviations that are frequently mention in discussions. I realize that most of the above mentioned can be found through searches of 100's of threads but, it would be nice to have them all in one spot. :)


I will give a few examples:


Newp = New purchase

TPG = Third party grader

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Great idea


I think peple should look at the PCGS lingo site for almost all coin terms

Forum terms

newb - newbie


Star mark * - Star (NGC grading term)


NT - Natural toning

AT - Artificial toning

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A star is given to a coin that

1. Has exceptional eye appeal, like impressive toning, strike, etc. (subjective)

2. A coin that almost made a designation but just didn't get it by a hair

(example- A borderline CAM, or a CAM that is very close to a DCAM,

also a coin that almost made PL, etc.etc.etc.)

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Some terms have been around a long time, and others come and go.


PQ= Premium Quality

Monster= wildly, colofrfully toned (I don't hear this one as much any more)

AT= artificially toned

NT= naturally toned


PL= prooflike* (mirrored surfaces on a business strike coin)

CAM= cameo

DCAM= deep cameo

UDCAM= ultra-deep cameo


* For Canadian coins, "proof-like" means a collector coin (especially those found in mint sets). Almost all business strike silver and nickel coins struck in Canada since 1945 had mirrored surfaces due to the Royal Canadian Mint's use of chrome-plated dies. Just because a Canadian coin has mirrored surfaces does not mean it is a "proof-like", proof, or specimen coin.

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Marketplace slang-


obo - or best offer

fs - for sale

fsh - for sale here

fsho - for sale here only

ltb - looking to buy

wtb - want to buy

wtt: want to trade


"shipped" (ex. $50 shipped) - price includes shipping

TTT and bumps - posting anything into a thread moves it to the top for everyone to see. These are common terms used to *bump* the post *ToTheTop* of the forum.

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