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Seeking advice on best way to remove proof coins from holders...

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Please forgive me if this has been discussed on here previously, but I'm a newbie to the board, and could not locate any info on it using the 'search' feature.


I'm wanting to submit some proof silver and gold eagles to NGC for grading. I'm assuming that when I send them in, I need to first remove them from the hard acrylic government cases.


If this is not the case, and I can send them in those cases, please let me know.


If I need to remove them, as I'm thinking I will need to do, how in the heck to you remove the coin from the holder without damaging it?


Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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I am not sure if NGC will accept them in the case, but I know PCGS will accept them in the case of commems (like the proof single coins), as far as sets, I am not sure, but if they are modern proof sets, they are very easy to remove, I would just carefully insert a sharp knife in the seam along the edge of the holder and once you work it a little, it should just pop right open. The current proof set holders are very easy to open compared with some earlier ones from the 70s and 80s that required a hammer! Hope this helps.

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NGC does require that the coins be removed from their Mint holders (see Ask NGC forum).


Gentle persistent prying is the best way to go, as Jeff suggested. Have your cotton gloves within reach!



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