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I have always been a big fan of VAMs, mostly out of lack of patience for the high end Morgans and Piece dollars in registry grades. But can any one explain to me......


Why there are several lists to compete in? I look at them in dismay and find that there is a "TOP 100" and a Hit list that includes the best 50 VAMs and then a "Hit List 40".


Who compiles these lists and what determines whether or not they make one or the other lists? And with VAMs being found new every day, isn't there the chance that these lists will become outdated and change? Or what will the people who made up these lists do, create a new list of "Top 30 Newcomers" to the VAM world? I have many VAMs, most raw and some which are not even found in VAM World's home site to find out what it is that you have. I guess that means, there are VAMs out there that are not even on the radar yet, and the lists will have no option but to grow, but in most of the world, there is a "top 100 or some number" and that seems to work with out having the Hot and the other top 50 and so on and so on.....why not one list of VAMs and let it grow to accomodate the ever growing world of VAMs and whether they are top 100 or hot 40 out of the picture as if true to form, that has to change to keep up which trends in coins which get hot and cold based on the trends collectors set.


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When you take a look at all the different sets for certain series you will find the easier =10 - 30 coins and then the harder 50 -150 and onward. The short sets are to seduce a new to the series or young collector to invest in getting a few graded to start his or her short set. Being a short set it is less likely that the person will lose interest. That keeps the grading companies busy when there are no new common coins to grade. I recently started a Roosevelt dime set. Now only owning 1 coin it was a perfect candidate for the short set = 1946 -1964. Since that small purchase a month ago I purchased 11 or more that will be added this week. I have a couple more purchases this month but will buy another short set next month adding only the best and selling the rest. When I complete that deal next month I will venture into the clad series and move to a larger set.

Enjoy your Vams and e-mail NGC to find out when they are going to run a special on the coins you want to get graded. You may have a opportunity to save some money if you wait.



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