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1855 Russian Rouble

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If there's anything I like less than soldered hinges on these things it's soldered hinges that have been removed from these things. I'm giving this one away to one of the kids in my kid's coin club. He has Russian ancestry and a very modest collection handed down to him from within his family. I'd like to tell him something good about this or at the minimum something useful, so, you get the program. Anything interesting you can tell me on this one, I'd really appreciate. Mucho thanks.


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Ok, this coin was minted in St Petersburg.

There were 1,060,000 minted.

The Tsar was Nicholas I at the begining of 1855 and after he died it was Alexander II.

The Mint master was Nicholai Iossa and his initials are on the coin, at the bottom of the eagle, H on one side and I on the other.

The 3 symbol mint mark is below the date.

The coin is .868 silver or .5785 oz ASW.

Hope that helps a little, John.

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"I'm giving this one away to one of the kids in my kid's coin club."


- Please... Don't give that problem coin to no one ! (if you don't like it... toss it away)

Reality check: small children like you better if you threat them as adults. They have brains !

- Those damaged coins will just hurt kids in future...


Where is everybody's common nongreedy sense today !

=> Give the boy\girl something beautiful to look at if you like and don't wait until you die.

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20 years ago, when I was a kid, my brother (coin collector) gave me an old beat-up copper Catherine 5 Kopecks - i've thought it pretty awesome and it was one of the memories the helped me pick coin collecting when I grew up.


It's old and cool and was obviously worn medal-style before the mount was removed. Why wouldnt some kid like that?



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Thanks, guys, I appreciate the replies. John, thanks for that information. FWIW, I've been giving away a lot of my collection for quite some time to these kids. This little guy, given his family background, will find this coin meaningful to him. :)

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