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  1. Here is a more high resolution. 1,600px × 1,140px. Remember! double click and View Image to further zoom.
  2. Sighh. numisport 1539241-044. Sellers image here. "Since you never showed the obverse slab with coin number before it was cracked out no one can be sure your coin is that NGC MS 64 you say it was." You can see the haziness of PVC if looked carefully. I know better now. Note. Below post a more high res picture.
  3. Yes you are right it was overgraded in NGC holder it is not MS-64. Overgraded and PVCd. I could not let it be in that misleading holder therefore. It just would have gone to another collector. Who naively might not been as accurate and would have happily thought it as a problem free "MS-64". It is maximum MS-63 but I don't think it is a MS-62. I have some MS-62's and they have deep bag marks and such. Sending this to be holdered would cost me about: 30-40euros+Authorized seller's submission fee+Shipping costs+(24% customs)= Total 50-70e which is about the same what I paid for in the 1st place. So it is a no go.
  4. I bought this slabbed coin from European market Germany seller he shipped it to Finland. It costs too much to ship it back so it is not worth to do that and I don't want to burden the coins seller some are kind of sensitive very +60 old men you know. Also I not a returning kind of buyer I really never return anything. I have multiple Morgans myself so I know what to expect from a good problem free MS-64. Right away I spotted something green on coin's surface. How did you get that slab open without destroying it ? - Plain and simple hammering NGC holder's edges with imported normal size Estwing hammer to a home made 40kg iron base. - I was really suprised how easily it opened and how undamaged+clear seams are. I can literally [ if I was up to no good which I'm not. Not planning to reuse this holder again. ] I could super glue it together and put a bad grade 1921 in it and sell onward. That is how good the opened holder still looks like. - I have come to a conclusion that there must be currently some opened-switched-resealed coins circulating right now. If I a first timer can open a holder so easily and unnoticeable someone else will be too. So be extra careful on resealed holders.
  5. "the coin probably did not look like that at the time it was graded". Lesson learned I look now extra carefully if PVC is present in holdered coins and bath them in pure acetone even if tiny spots of green is found. Real bummer to find out that parts of coin's edges are so corroded due to PVC that color changed to brown.
  6. Do I remember right was there 10-15 years ago a separate "NGC world coin"-forum ? The forum theme back then was yellow/gold and so on. I have been working and when time passed forgot all about coins last time when I collected euro coins arrived to Europe back in 2002 it was something new and all that but then I forgot collecting and concentrated on working.
  7. Even when somewhat near to my location UK=Great Britain is not part of EU Europe since start of 2021 see "Brexit". I will have to pay customs and such difficulties if planning to contact GB's NGC. ( It would be pretty much same as USA.) I live in: Sweden or Finland If I ever was going to use a grading service closest within Europe boarders would be PCGS Paris France. Oh and just leaving the coin into 100% Acetone did not do nothing. (I used two(2) 30 minutes baths.) - Green PVC residue splatter started to come off only after trying gently with acetoned cotton swaps. - Coin's edges look very bad it will not be a good candidate for Edge View holders. Wonder how many MS-holdered coins are there that have visually impaired edges ? - I think this coin is max. MS-63 not nowhere near MS-64 compared to my other graded coins. Because of those edges it might be even Details Corrosion. So NGC does not take edges in to account when grading ?
  8. Hello my American friends I slushed it with Acetone. Results here. Coins edges were pretty badly harmed with PVC. See photos. Edges were horrible green when I removed it from NGC holder. After Acetone edges have a brown rusty copper toning ?
  9. I'll try to rinse it with acetone. Reading good results from online. And this was just a budget 1921 Morgan so not 1895 Morgan. But I like every coin not just some limited edition coins forced to be rare and printed like under 100pcs. So I did not lose so much though USA coins are more expensive here in Europe EU. (Distance, customs and such.)
  10. I bought it just now and I live in Europe which is far from USA and NGC. Here we have PCGS Paris France only. - I probably crack it and rinse it with acetone to remove the green goo. In Europe EU it is very hard to send coins for grading you see. - Is there any rule how long: minutes or hours to twirl the coin in acetone ? Then gently press areas with cotton or such material if residue is stuck.
  11. Should I break the holder and acetone rinse it ? - Will PVC just get worse if left in the holder ? It is a 50-70 usd coin or so. "MS-64 1921".
  12. "No help for a whiner." Alex in PA. Do you Alex work for NGC or why such a fierce passion for defence ?
  13. "Did you contact Customer Service? NO! Did you take it to an Authorized NGC Dealer? NO! Just another NGC Baad post. PS: 1921 Morgan Dollars in MS are a dime a dozen." Alex in PA. - Nice for you. I myself love every morgan even if it is a common 1921. But this PVC " monday or friday piece " is not funny to receive.
  14. You are not helping. But free world and free speech on your behalf.
  15. Do you think NGC has guarantee for +10 year old holders ?