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Common Sense is right out the window posted by moondoggy

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Could some people really be this slow (or) How I spent more than you for the very same item


Ok, I just don't get it or maybe a whole lot of individuals know something I don't. I've sit here at my PC for months and watched this with amazement ! Now I don't think by what I'm about to "tell" you here and now is a big secret that most of you don't already know or haven't figured out but I can't take it any longer without sharing a laugh with everyone here. Now it's not a laugh of humor so much but you'll get it.

As a number of collectors here not only "collect" their coins but acquire a holding of silver, gold bullion. Well, this has to do with silver bullion and to be more specific, the buying it through bidding on E-Bay. One particular "seller" on E-bay sells a large quantity of silver bullion in various forms. Without advertising their name here, suffice to say they are located in the state of AZ. and that should tell you who it is. If you can't figure it out yet they are named after a city in AZ. that starts with an S and ends in an E. Anyway enough of that. So they have these auctions all the time on the bay. When you win one (auction) you receive your 1 troy ounce of silver bullion and enclosed is their business card with their website on it. You go to their website and click on products and listed there is the very same item they are selling on E-Bay. (ONLY) at their website you can get the very same item (1 troy ounce of silver bullion) with free s/h for 5 - 10 dollars cheaper than the going top bid on the Bay.

What is it that drives someone to pay 5-10 dollars more for the very same item ???? Yes, I buy some of my silver bullion from their website and everytime I buy some I laugh at all the ones paying a "premium" for a few Bay cents. I just checked an auction at the Bay that is ending in 30 minutes and the top bid right now is $52.00 You can buy the same thing at the website for $47.19.

I don't know, sometimes I just don't understand the power stupidity.

I have attached a picture for extra help.


thanks for letting me have fun with this journal and hope I didn't offend any of the most intelligent people that have ever graced this site.






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At least its not as bad as those poor folks that get ripped off by the coin sellers on

shopping networks. Talk about a markup. Once in a while I check their online stores

to see if they put any of their coin offerings in their clearance section. They do, but

the coins are still too expensive and besides I just don't see a lot of potential in

gold-layered clad statehood quarters. I betcha a lot of those people have been

bitterly disappointed when they took their "gold" quarters to the local coin shop to

sell. or maybe they just think the coin dealers are trying to "steal" their precious

layered quarters and now they have hostility toward innocent dealers instead of those

odious shopping channel coin sellers.

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As a buyer and seller on Ebay I agree. However the reason for these differences is the Ebay fees to the seller. Selling direct from a sellers website eliminates the Ebay sellers fees. I do approximately 90% of my purchases through Ebay and probably would save more if some of these sellers would list their websites. The few coins I need to finish my collection are out there somewhere but the websites are unknown.

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I always figured folks paying more for coins at auction compared to BIN prices on ebay are using the television to set their high price for coins because they don't have access to or are not aware of FMV pricing. Then again if you have deep pockets whats a few dollars more for what you want, its pretty clear they don't care to research what they are buying. The opening bid and BIN prices ebay sellers are setting these days are ridiculus and I find I am doing more buying on teletrade these days than ebay.


Later Larry

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I think some of it has to do with pride and competition. "How dare this other person out bid me! I'm not going to let that other beat me!" lol



I agree that if you do a little bit of searching, you can find a better deal on most anything you're looking for. Does anyone have suggestions for websites other than: paradisemint.com, moderncoinmart.com, teletrade and ebay for purchasing 1900 - modern NGC certified coins?




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