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New 1917-D & 1917-S Mercury Dime Images

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As many of you know, I have been putting together

a set of coins from my parents' birthyears.


My Dad was born in 1917 - and I just received

these new images of two Dimes from that collection:







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I think the chances were good he pulled it out of a bank roll.


Its a very neat coin - I have a few family birthyear coins

that came out of the Eliasberg collection - all Dimes .

1889 in 65 CAM; 21-D in 65.


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Most of the coins in the Eliasberg Collection were not selected by him individually. He bought the Clapp Estate intact in 1942, which was nearly complete through about 1915. The later coins were acquired in bulk by Eliasberg after 1942 by simply telling his favored dealers that he needed a set of Mercury Dimes, a set of Walking Liberty Halves, etc. These were selected without much discrimination as to quality, the dealer simply buying whatever was needed to fill the holes.


The Clapp coins were exquisite, having been purchased directly from the mints in the years of issue for the 1890-1915 period. The coins Eliasberg received from his later, bulk purchases were of variable quality, some not even being uncirculated. He then added the handful of rarities needed to complete the earlier dates.


I do not hold him in much esteem as a numismatist, though he did achieve a remarkable goal, albeit with little effort on his part beyond writing endless checks.


None of this is said to take away from the coins in this thread, which are quite pleasing.

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