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1938-S Jefferson Nickel NGC MS67 by lehigh96

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Obtained a 1938-S Jefferson Nickel NGC MS67 from deadkey (E-Bay seller) for $99 and 251 registry points for upgrading from an MS66.


The coin was won using a max bid of $125.



Seller: E-Bay Seller: deadkey

E-Bay Listing: 180620523504

Ended: Feb 09, 201107:55:08 PST


Coin Description:

Light golden toning adorns both sides of this lustrous well struck premium gem. Despite the LDS evidenced by some die wear and a prominent die crack in Jefferson's hair, this coin is not short on eye appeal and has a radiant appearance in hand.



This coin replaces what was a very attractive PQ MS66 example. Despite the fact that there are 280 MS67 1938-S certified Jefferson Nickels, it took me 2 years to find one that was better in quality than my MS66. And while this coin is a solid MS67, it is almost indistinguishable in quality from my MS66.


On the fortunate side, I only paid $99 for this coin which is only $42 more than I paid for the MS66 it replaced. I could have tried to upgrade my MS66 through resubmission, but unless it upgraded on the first try, it would have been a losing proposition financially.



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I am curious to know what everyone thinks about the grading standards of NGC over time. As stated in my post above, it took my two years to find an MS67 that was nicer than my PQ MS66. The coin resides in a generation 3 NGC slab, which dates it 1987-88 according to Conder's thread. Here are the photos of both coins.






So much for gradeflation! After looking at the photos side by side, the MS66 still looks cleaner. The MS67 wins hands down in the luster category but strike and surfaces seem to go to the MS66.

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