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Hi , I personally do not know by your description.


If you could post a picture of the obverse and reverse, I am sure many here can help you out.


Good luck!


BTW...Welcome to the boards!

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conder is totally correct


here you go coin boi :applause: and also welcome to the boards (thumbs u



it seems to be a fake half dollar sized Spanish-Mexican 4 Reales (4 R). That design features King Philip V (1700-46). The M and F are the Mexico City mint's assayers' initials. The Mexico City mintmark is an M with a small o over it. It should weigh 13.54 grams and would contain .3992 of an ounce of silver. That date is not not listed for that design and details though.

There are more fakes around than originals. Weighing it may be the best telltale of its genuineness.

Collector value depends on date, number minted and condition of a coin, including amount of wear, any dents, scratches or cleaning. You might also try a library for a copy of the Standard Catalog of World Coins for pictures, values and lots more interesting info.

The “Spanish Milled Dollar” and its fractions were the principal currency through the early 1800s in U.S. everyday circulation and were legal tender as late as 1857.

You might find similar pieces on Ebay.com for comparison.

These sites are also a great info source:



http://carlclegg.com/pillars/design.html .



http://www.coinsite.com/content/faq/8RealesMilledPillar.asp .



Counterfeits and fantasy pieces mass produced in East Asia, the Middle East and Eastern Europe abound of Chinese and U.S. coins, and many other countries'.

Fakes: http://reviews.ebay.com/Fake-8-4-and-2-Reales-coins-from-ASIA-BEWARE_W0QQugidZ10...

Chinese counterfeit factory: http://coins.about.com/od/worldcoins/ig/Chinese-Counterfeiting-Ring/Chinese-Fake... .


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