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Krypto's FUN show Report...board members galore

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Half of my Fun show is always dedicated to meeting new forums member and reconnecting with my forum friends and this year was no exception some of the boards members are only ATS and some post to both places so if you see a name you don't know it's probably becuase they only live ATS :cry:





I was on a mission to buy as many fairly priced toned coins as I could for my Ebay sales....I had gotten word from Wednesday that there wasn't much their but I worked hard with Chris (Rctoners) and I think we did very well. I wouldn't say I found any bargains but I did find dealers with more wiggle room on their prices than years past so I felt like all sides were making out well on the deals. I also went looking for older holders like NGC 2.1's and Doily's and did not find a single one. I believe the high turnover rate of dealer inventory at these large shows makes it much more unlikely to find these rare gems but I had to try for drunners sake ;)


Every dealer I talked to seem to be having a good show and considering it was a weekday the traffic seemed fairly strong and consistent throughout the day with it being difficult to see all of the tables because there was always a crowd in front of certain tables. The toned Frankies and Toned Morgan’s seem to be there in a bit more quantity than I have seen in years past, and gold and silver was trading hands everywhere...WOW. I would have to say even though the show was in Tampa and I had to make the drive from Orlando (spoiled) I thought it was one of the better shows I have been to in the last 5 years and personally I had a lot of fun.


My lone purchase for my own collection comes in the form of a very nice toned Morgan that is under graded and this coin literally stopped me in my tracks and I had to have it..OMG :cloud9:

















Forum member



I picked up coinkid855 (Paul) at about 7am and we headed over to the show as he needed a lift. While waiting for the show to open I bumped into Rctoners (Chris & Robin) and also Stone and Dimeman who were slumming with coinkid lol We chatted briefly about dime varieties and toners etc and then we went our separate ways. During my trek around the floor I bumped into my buddy Lablover (Jim) and also onlyroosies (Nick) but rainbowroosie (Bill) proved elusive which is a shame. I did receive a dinner invite from Nick but unfortunately since I was coinkids ride I didn't want to keep him away from home half the night due to his recent surgery.


I always find time to stop by Julian Liedman's table and everyone already knows it always a please to chat with him and see how he is doing and how the show is glowing etc. I ran into Todd (blu62vette) and had a great conversation....looked at some pretty coins, showed off some pretty coins (mine & Skyman’s), then I ran over to say high to Charmy (Pennylady) and when i asked where all of her toned Morgan’s where she pointed me back to the table Todd was at.... :devil:


I also bumped into Ebaytrader accidentally and I take back all of the mean and nasty things I ever posted about him ;) He was a true gentleman and he sold me a beautiful coin I just had to have even though I wasn't at the show to add coins to my collection :banana: I always make a point of stopping at Greg Allen's table and talk toners with (Foodude) Greg and (Newmismatist) Ron Sirna who was sharing a table. I did a little show and tell there and was able to show off my raw textile toner I ripped off Ebay along with my other purchases from this year and Sy's mega monsters......nothing better than talking life and toners with these two gentleman :applause: As an added bonus while I was at their table Dena from NGC walked up...we shared some or Ron's chocolates and talk for a few minutes. Later in the day I went back and saw Brandon Kelly at Greg's table had another show and tell session.....hey we like to look at coins what can I say doh! Finally I ran into one of my dearest friends at the show dpoole and no show would be complete for me if I missed him and got to joke around about lot viewing....love ya buddy :foryou:


I am heading back Saturday for the NGC luncheon and I expect to spend most of the day running around looking for other forum members as most of my coin shopping is done for this year’s show. :1grouphug;


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Thanks for the update, Shane. The other day when you told me that you would be there on Thursday, I decided that I wouldn't even bother looking for any toners on Saturday, but I will be on the lookout for two CC VAM's for my collection.


How was the parking situation? Were you able to use the garage?



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Yes if you print out the instructions off the FUN website it will direct you right to the parking garage and then the convention center is literally right across the street form the garage. It's only $5 to park all day.


Believe me there are plenty of toners left at the show...no way I could buy them all and if you want me to help you look I will. I have one table I have to go to as they were going to bring some more toned coins for me to look at but other than that I may not buy another coin Saturday (thumbs u

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Sounds like you're having a great time Shane and seeing alot of forum friends. I really love the Toner you picked up but I do have to add that I think it's a solid 63. I'd be pushing it to say it would go any higher. Can't wait to read everyone else's experience the rest of the show. (thumbs u

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Fantastic coin, Shane. See ya tomorrow!



Nice seeing you again Jason.....the NGC luncheon was worth the trip as usuall.


Saturday seemed much slower than Thursday which surprised me and all of the dealers I spoke with agreed and said Friday was ok but Thursday seemed to be the money maker day for them. I was able to pick up some more coins to sell on Ebay and right before I left I stopped by Dennis King's table and I just couldn't leave without buying yet another toned Morgan for my collection...bad Shane....bad shane :makepoint:


I will post it here once I get it imaged :devil:

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