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Which type set to complete?

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Well, that was the question I had when I started. I considered the standard 7070 format, but found that there were others. The one I settled on is the Intercept Shield version, with gold, but I seriously doubt I'll ever complete the gold page. I do have several in the book but with gold at prohibitively high levels, I need those for my slabbed set so I'll consider those when the time comes.


Things I like about the IS style 7070? It has more updates for modern stuff. It also has a hole in the gold page for a $3.


Things I don't like about the IS? Some of the holes are hard to get the coins into, but I'll bet you'll find that in the standard 7070 as well. Also, even though there are tons of varieties, there is no slot for the no stars obverse of 1837.


Some pics of my set which is complete, with the exception of the gold page, and I have since started a second for my other son. Time to complete? I've had some of these coins in my collection for 20 or more years. When I started I believe I was able to fill over 60%. So, all in all, I guess I was a type collector and didn't even know it.









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Nice Sam (thumbs u

I bet if we all had a fish around in the coin draw we would be amazed at how far through a type set we would be able to complete

The half dime slots are the same as the Dansco 7070 . That doesn't have the slot for the 37 no stars either .

But quite a few more slots for the 2009 cents and the Jefferson Nickels :)

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i love this album


also better the coins fit tightly as you can always take a little sandpaper and go easily around the openings and make it slightly bigger to fit the coin


so no problemo


just dont sandpaper the hole too much or the hole will be too big and the coin will fall out of the larger sandpapered hole


good luck with it!


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