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IMPORTANT!! please read thread cameo proof barber dimes by banknote1

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hi there there was a great thread by banknote1 intitled cameo proof barber dimes

if you get a chance please read it


also the gmarguli thread on the ngc arbtriary star designation


wow lots of great discussions on what coins are all about instead of all the why did my 2002

proof coin not grade 70 at pcgs? etc etc!!!!!!


sincerely michael

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while i agree wholeheartedly on the barber dime thread (I've learned a lot from it), I couldn't help but get a chuckle, childish as it is, from your typo in the title of this thread. I'm sure you meant "IMPORTANT" rather than "IMPOTENT" but it's still amusing the difference the omission of one letter can make!



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you are right jeff that is why i changed it rather quickly but i see you still caught it............lol


well i also had a really older friend who has since passed and he used to say impotent when he wanted to

emphasise importANT ...........lol


sincerely michael


and remember to enter the kingdom of heaven you have to be like a child childlike

that i am sure for me

at least this entering heaven as a childish? child would be better than if you

have every coin in existance on this earth!!!!!!


jeff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are a great asset to these boards and i have had many nice conversations

with you please always keep[

coming back here!!!!!!!!!!!!! you make up for some of the other less than nice people on the pcgs boards!!!!!!!!!!!


jeff have a great holiday and please let me know how you are doing coin and otherwise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


respectfully michael



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