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Another ethical question....

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Since we seem to be on the subject of ethics and morals, here's an issue I've been wrestling with for awhile. I have a coin in a PCGS MS64 holder, and since it was the only one in my set that wasn't in an NGC holder I thought that I would cross it over. Imagine my surprise when NGC wouldn't cross it due to hairlines on Liberty's cheek! 893frustrated.gif I had never noticed them, and in fact the coin has to be held in just the right light and at just the right angle with a 10X loop to even see them because they're so faint, but they are there.


What should I do with this coin?


a) Sell it on ebay with no mention of the hairlines

b) Sell it on ebay, disclosing the hairlines

c) Consign it to an auction house and let someone else describe the coin

d) Just eat the coin and hang onto it (it's not in my long term plan, but is just a placeholder until I find the right MS65 coin)


I've pretty much decided what to do; I'm just curious what all of your input is.....

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Sell the coin on ebay. Mention the hairlines. Use words that are descriptive but not negative in context. Such as "coin is lustrous, with only very light obverse cheek hairlines, keeping the coin from a higher grade".





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What are we talking about? A MS64, common date Peace Dollar, or a '34-S Peace Dollar? Many dollar series coins have light hairlines that may pull the grade down, but won't cause the coin to be Bodybagged. If it is a more common Peace Dollar, I would list it on EBay and describe the hairlines truthfully (as hard to see). If it is an expensive coin, I would send it to PCGS for grade review.


Man, I am loosing it. I can't even Type '34-S anymore!

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I wouldn't worry to much about selling especially if its still in the PCGS holder.


This grading business really get to be a pain because what passes as acceptable one time, but will not pass another time around.


Face facts. These guys are not consistent. I would not get hung up on hairlines that could easily be missed the next time around.


AND BTW I wish that some of the "PCGS ONLY CROWD" would read this thread. It might open their eyes ...


BUT then again I'm probably execting too much from them. confused-smiley-013.gif

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