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better digital photo of ultra cameo superb gem proof seated dime

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posted this coin on here with a description about a week ago?? here is another photo of the coin but done

with a digital camera which to me is much better


still not as good as sight seen but hopefully makes this coin more representative of what it looks like in person


still this photo barely does justice to this coin but better than the last!


sincerely michael


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That is a real beauty michael! I really love cam proof anything pre-1900! Someday I hope to buy a cam proof Liberty double eagle. Thanks for sharing the photo.

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On the other board, you noted that the coin has a reeding mark on the obverse and someone asked how that might have happened. What is your best guess on that?

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hi therre mark well for me i have thuoght asbout this and have seen this before mark you ASK some really

great questions and as always your threafs are always the most read on here!!!!!!! keep up the good work we

need more like you on here to discuss coins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


for me this coin has no hairlines and no nicks wahtsoever the toning was crappy that is why the coin was dipped

but oh what a dip!!!!! soooooooo this coin didnot get this reeding mark after it left the mint this is my feeling

and i am for the most part 95% correct...............lol well i think so


the collector who stored this coin never cleaned it in any way the only reason why this coin is not in a 67/68 holder

is this reeding mark and yet if you have never saw this it would be virtually unoticeable!!!!!!


it is ever so slight but with proof dimes at the time not being popular they were not handled correctly by mint


everyone was after the halves and dollars proofs in the 1880's now those were popular coins


i am also nit picky most would never ever notice this or care.........lol


for me waht happened was the pressman after strikeing this coin was careless and he struck another coin and


threw it in a pile with this dime and others since the coin being a proof the edge being sharp really sharp

it hit this coin and made a slight mark on the coin! ever so slight but nonetheless a classic reeding mark and of

course this year there were leftover dimes and many were melted! as was the case for some years preceeding

this year so no one really cARED about the quality control at the mint for proof coins especially so for the dimes

in proof!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


then this coin was most probably sold the same day to someone for whatever reason and i think since it was

a super white ultra cameo it got sold immediately if not sooner so it was spared more abuse!

usually they were then put into like a dark brownish thicker tissue paper thicker then waht we call tissue today

now the cents were just haphazardly put into a wooden drawer at the mint as a dime even a cent was still lots of

money $$ back then well some cents were mint tissue wrapped...............lol

imeAN the coin was

a looker and what better cheap sounvenior than a coin like this possibly to a collector? who knows?


the person who kept this coin never cleaned it but it got some really ugly toning that is why it was dipped

but oh what a dip and ultra cameo plus both sides!!!!!!!!! if not for this small ever so slight mark this coin would

be in a 67 holder!!!!!!!!!!! easy


also the redding mark shows a coin thrown against another coin and since these proof coins were not put into

a hopper or bag they were supposed to put hand put aside it does happen after a long day that some may just

get haphazerdly tossed together and one coin the sharp razer edge hit this coin ever so, lightly that it left

an ever so slight classic telltail treeding mark another dime



sincerely michael

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