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NGC leaving much to be desired these days...

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I need to vent now:


Overall, the grading services do a "good" job, not spectacular, definitely not perfect, but acceptable. I wanted to get that out of the way before I tell my story. Now that that's done: in certain instances, it seems as though they just CANT get some things right. I think Quality Control is the most problematic part of the grading process, and based on my 9 years of submission experience to NGC, the instances of errors have increased to the point now that I have NGC's number on speed dial, and it seems like I'm contacting them to fix something every week. The following is just one of many colorful stories of my ongoing frustration. It would be unbelievable if I didn't have documentation. To make matters simple, this is the actual email I sent to NGC on 7/27. I thought I would email since I just got off the phone about an order they messed up last week. I am still awaiting a reply, I believe the customer service people flag my messages and do not reply because they think I'm a nut for constantly pointing out problems...it's me again! But someone keeps dropping the ball and constant contact is the only way to solve these issues.



I submitted a Gem proof 1964 50C for Modern Tier grading on invoice 2531129 (received Feb. 17th) and it graded PF68Cam. It returned to me with a thick brown hair clipping sealed inside the slab, which was touching the coin. I re-submitted it on Appearance Review invoice 2139380 (received April 2nd), and the coin was re-holdered. However, it returned with a milky white glob on the reverse (closely resembling mucus). Again I re-submitted it for Appearance Review on invoice 2533845 (received June 9th). This time, unbelievably, it returned (on July 27th) with 3 brown blobs of gunk on the reverse rim (near where the mucus was), with a white flaky substance dangling off one of the spots, and 2 brown stains on the corresponding side of the obverse rim. To add insult to injury, AP invoice 2533845 was supposed to be shipped with other orders so that it wouldn't cost me a fortune to have the coins fixed, but it was shipped out by itself. So in the end, I paid good money for this unfortunate result.


Thus the 1964 must be examined a fourth time, and I am requesting it the problems be fixed free of charge, and that I not be charged for return shipping.


I will send it on another Appearance Review invoice with my next submission. To who's attention should I direct the invoice?


Again, 2 days and no response...I might have to call again.


And here it is, a PF68Cam that was pure white before NGC got its hands on it. Let's review... 1) Hair, 2) Snot, & 3) Im not going to speculate on what this is.







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The presence of foreign matter in slabs is one of my biggest pet peeves. In my occupation as cataloger, it seems I am all too frequently mentioning this-or-that annoying nose hair, white flake, or other unidentifiable powder crumbing around INSIDE the slab.


Your rant is apropos, and I so wish ALL the grading services would listen to you!


One service seems no worse nor better than the other. All are guilty!!!!!!

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I haven't had these problems and I feel for you.

But, on a bright side......Isn't it nice that you can post them here without 'going to jail'....

Try that across the street !



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i totaLLY understand your delimma


i would e mail scott schechter at ngc and ask him to take on a role/LOOK INTO this unfortunate situation and see if he can get this resolved for you to your satisfaction


good luck



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That's gross.

Too bad there is some compressed air that can be quickly squirted on the coin/inside slab that would remove any foreign matter.


I know some compressed air (for example, the kind used on computer equipment) contains others particles that would be equally as bad for the coin's surface, but other types don't.



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