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Kansas Auctions - anyone else go?

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I am in Kansas and have recently started going to auctions with mixed results. I made my first purchases this last weekend buying some Silver Eagles for $17/each. Not great, but not bad either.


Anyway, the question is in reference to this auction coming up:


Auction Link


Is anyone else familiar with this guy or going to this auction? It's in the middle of nowhere so I am hopeful I may get some deals...but I will not hold my breath.

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Darn you got my hopes up,


I am about 20 min from south KS and thought that maybe this would be something I could stop by at but after looking at where it was in Kansas WAY to far for me.



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I personally would not be interested in this type of auction but many others I know would be.


I have never been to an auction in person and though I think it would be nice to try at least once, I doubt I would do it unless there was something I really wanted to buy myself. And most auctions have a very limited selection for what I collect (most none at all).


As for bargains, I do not know what the chances of that are in the one you reference. There is the advantage that you can inspect that material in person, but most of it looks like stuff that could be bought off eBay which I do not find that exciting.

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I think I will be attending...even though it is 100 mile drive. I will at least get a good meal while I am there...lol! I don't know if I will get any deals, but I will certainly do my homework and pick a few I want to pick up. If I get any I will post what I get here afterwards.



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Picked up 5 Morgans at the auction, I will post pics and get feedback tomorrow. One was PCGS 1880S MS64 PL I got for $35, not that pretty, but figure I can turn a quick profit to buy something better.


The auction was on a farm and my wife took pictures of cows and chickens while I was inside...lol...in total there was at least 100-150k shelled out for nowhere Kansas. The food was complimentary too.


I will attend again when I have time...I will be gone for the next year in the middle east so it may be awhile.

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Here are 4 coins I picked up at the auction. My caveat is that I am very new at this and I also didn't spend much money. I would like to get your opinions on grades of these, I think they had them all overgraded, but for what I paid it wasn't at the overgraded prices. thanks for the input.


If you think they are cleaned it would be nice to know as well and why.










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