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Edge Lettering errors (on the Busties!)

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I hear that edge lettering errors are relatively common on the Bust Halves, but since I am rather new to this wonderful area of collecting, I don't have much experience with them. Could some of you knowledgeable folks tell me more about them, such as which errors are rare or desirable? Which ones are common? I recently got a bustie (1835 O-109, if you are wondering) which has this error "Fifty Cents ORF A Dollar" and was wondering if there should be any premium for it, or if it was considered interesting.


Feel free to guess the grade on this one as well, its raw.





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The toughest edge errors (in no particular order) are the doubled or tripled edges where the coin is run through the Castaining machine two or even three times, flip over edges where the coin in run through twice but the coin was flipped over between passes, plain edges where it missed the Castaining machine, and half inverted edges where one of the edge dies was installed upside down. The overlapped edges are more common, the more overlapped the better they are. Least valuable are the run together. where the last word of one die ends right where the next begins with no space or overlap so that it forms a single word CENTSOR or DOLLARFIFTY.

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