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FINALLY, pics of newps... caution dialuppers...

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I've been without a digital camera for months but I finally got the old one to work. Here are some pieces I've gotten since I came to Baltimore. Mainly from the Baltimore shows... as always... thoughts, comments and grade opinions are welcome. I'm particurly fond of the 1924 SLQ... I passed up quite a number of coins before seeing this one... Thanks to Elizabeth at JJ Teaparty...





















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Thanks... I'm withoug tripod and a lighting setup. I was trying to hold as hard as I can by hand using a florescent desk lamp. Not the best setup, but I was really wanting images of these coins!



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all really good eye appealing coins (thumbs u


the 1867 three cent nickel has a nice obverse clashed die




the 1875-s double dime is the $ sign mintmark in other words it is a double punched mintmark so the s looks like a $ sign because the first manually punch into the die of the s mintmark was really crooked and the puncher at the mint tried to correct it and you clearly see both mintmarks one on top of each other


also most of these double punched mintmarks have a large die break going around the outside thruogh the middle of all the letters in twenty cents and united stated of america to some degree of sorts


your tweny cent piece does not seem to have this and is an earlier die state and is more unusual as such :applause:

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