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Going to my first Coin Show .. wooo hooo .. SHOW REPORT!

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Westford MA Coin Show

I am meeting up with my new dealer supplier there to meet for the first time. We have talked hundereds of times and its about time we meet.


It's in Westford, MA ( hey RI_Al not too far from you either ) about 60 tables - ANACS is supposed to be there assessing. I am excited to 'think coins' again as I have been real lazy as of late.Dropping my camera may have had something to do with it. The replacement camera is good but still awaiting on my macro lense as the internal macro is not good enough for me :)


I still have these 50 or so coins to picture and to put on Ebay - the the better ones have gone except for my One of One coin (1967 5c MS69) and a few others. I will bring them to see if I can talk someone into buying them at a price I think there are worth. :)


Not a good writer but I will try to do one of the infamous coin show reports afterward


Take care

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You should hop on Amtrack and come down to the Baltimore show. That show will blow your socks off!! :banana:


Scott :hi:

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Went to my first coin show last month in Sarasota Fl.. I'll tell you guys, I was a little overwhelmed at first.I'm not good with crowds at all. I didn't know where to start or what to look at. I ended up at looking at stuff I couldn't afford,like the 78 CC MS65 DMPL, and it seemed at the time a big waste of a day. I was looking for prooflike or DMPL Morgans,Indian cents or some nice rainbows but they were hardly any offer anywhere or I missed them. I think I'll have a better handle on things next time I go. Have fun!!

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enjoy !! For me, half the fun of the hobby is in the hunting ( it 's the finding that gives the biggest whoop)...so take your time and find yourself an overlooked treasure !! Seriously, have a great time...

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Westford,MA Coin Show

You coin show experts will probably get bored of my first coin show experience, being a local affair, but I had a good time.

It was nice having a dealer connection to the show as I was able to get in early and do some browsing before the actual doors opened. After helping Bob McDonald (Collvest Coins) set up and chatting with him on his 1889-CC Morgan Dollar ~ PCGS VF20 ~ … hmm

I set afoot across the now pretty busy floor. I first thought – too many tables and not enough space – but you were able to manage through the aisles without much elbowing.

Having gotten in early I was able to “X” out the tables that were ‘imports” as I am not into foreign coins or currency and was able to not waste any time on them. I had my list, of coins I wanted to look for, to help complete my Morgan set. These are the coins that are going to cost a few bucks in G-XF coins, the ones a GEM collector like myself will have to look at three and four times before pulling the trigger to buy.

My first stop was at Sterling Rare coins and in his case my eyes latched onto an 1893-o Morgan in a PCGS XF40. I had him remove it and looked at it closely, not bad considering it was in a PCGS holder , ( just a joke people ). Ron Menard and I discussed the coin a little as I thought it had been cleaned, he did not disagree but he did not agree either, I think he could tell I was a newbie . I jotted down to take a look again later in the show, he had $545 on it.

I am seeing a LOT of bullion tables here so I stopped by one that had the Gold Buffalos.

He had three or four of the MS70 /PF70 NGC’s and asked what he was getting for them. I guess I did pretty well when I sold my set about a month ago as it was a lot less than I thought they would be.

What I am also seeing is that a LOT of the dealers going to the type coins and that seems to be what is driving this show. It appears that RAW type coins are HOT and is keeping some of these small dealers alive. In my note pad I could “X” all those tables as I was not a type collector.

My Next stop was at Cornerstone Coins and Dave Veinot who was parked right next to the Bob from CollVest Coins. He had a 1893-o Morgan in a PCI holder and said I wanted to take a look at it. With hesitation he pulled it out of his case and said you don’t want that. I was amazed he said that, what dealer would. I assume he must have heard Bob and I talking about his 1889cc coin above and assumed my taste in Morgan’s was high. I looked at the holder saying VF20, and I swear to you the obverse was a close XF45, then I turned it over … the reverse had been cleaned, cleaning off corrosion that pitted the reverse. He had $350 on the coin and I think he will get it eventually, not here though.

I very rarely buy raw coins but there was this dealer tucked into a corner of the room selling RAW EVERYTHING. I went to his Morgan section and just did your cursory glance and a colorful crescent caught my eye. It said 1885-o and it actually had hair! I asked if I could look at it and the coin was a sharply struck Morgan with really clean fields and minor slight surface rubs … I spun the thing over and it had complete breast feathers. I said this is a coin I would buy if I was buying raw, in fact I did buy it .

I looked back at Bob and he was scouring the place with his eyes, he has got to be looking for me. He pulled me aside and asked if I would take $100 for the 1957 25c NGC

PF69 I had in his display case, he had a regular that was interested and I said sure. One sale, one purchase, so far so good cause the sale overly paid for the purchase .

Walking around I start to hear grumbling of “Why did I bother coming” and “Why are we here on THIS weekend, everyone’s on vacation and the banks are closed” - I guess some dealers were not happy with the turn out. I must agree, the first few hours were pretty busy, and then it cleared out pretty quickly around 1 o’clock.

I glance over at Sterling Coins and he had no one there so I went back again and asked to see the 1893-o Morgan again. He looked a little frustrated, I am not sure if it was because I was back to look at the coin again or business was slow. He actually threw me a figure this time which was substantially lower than the marked price and below bid. I threw him a figure that was 10% below bid and he took it. I guess his frustration was more of lack of business than at me. I pulled out my cash and paid him, he almost had relief in his eyes, that it wasn’t a credit card.




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Excellent show report. You write well and are detailed and entertaining.

Show reports like yours are the number one reason I enjoy these forums.

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J- If you had your suspicions about the 93O what made you decide to pull the trigger?


Its a true XF and been in many a pockets ...

Its really too worn to tell if its die polish or actual cleaning lines.

The scratches do not appear to go through the raised areas of the coin from what you can see ...

It fills a slot for much less than bid so I grabbed it.



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Great report and glad you got something for the collection .. don't worry next show you go to you will not have enough money with you .. well that's how it pans out for me anyway :)

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