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Finally... I can present my whole 1853 No Arrow Short Set Together

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Putting together an 1853 year set in PCGS slabs can be a fun, challenging, and if you count the "no arrows" half made that year virtually impossible task. Because there are only 3 known examples of the '53 NA Half, and the fact that even one would cost 5 times what my house is worth I chose to ignore that coin as part of my set ;)


In 1853 the "P" and "O" half dimes as well as the "P" dime were made in the "arrows" and "no arrows" design. The "P" quarter was made in the popular type set coin of the "arrows and rays" but also in a very tough "no arrows" variety. All of the "no arrow" coins were made in the first part of the year but because the price of silver had gone up the mints were ordered to make coins with less silver content. The mints did that and added the "arrows" beside the date; and of course "rays" to the reverse of the quarter.


Because the "no arrows" versions contained more silver than their face value many of them were melted. This combined with the very low mintage numbers as well as the fact that many existing examples are problem coins makes it a good challenge to get a problem free short set of 1853 No Arrows. I can finally show mine all together in one shot :D


1853 "No Arrows" Half Dime PCGS VF35

Total Mintage: 135,000

Total PCGS Pop in all grades combined: 91




1853-O "No Arrows" Half Dime PCGS VF20

Total Mintage: 160,000 (note: even with the slightly higher mintage this is a MUCH TOUGHER coin to locate than the "P" version)

Total PCGS Pop in all grades combined: 35




1853 "No Arrows" Dime PCGS XF40

Total Mintage: 95,000

Total PCGS Pop in all grades combined: 86




1853 "No Arrows" Quarter PCGS AU53

Total Mintage: 44,200

Total PCGS Pop in all grades combined: 49





And here they are all in one shot.



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Thanks for all the nice comments. Now it's on to the last 5 coins to complete the year set (ex gold). With lots of them to choose from I can be pretty picky. Not that I wasn't picky on these, but it's one thing to be picky when choosing 1 out of 30 or 50. It's another to be picky when choosing 1 out of thousands. Jeez I hope that sounds like what I meant hm

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