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Opinions on Pics -- new digital camera - Olympus C-5050

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I bought this camera as a X-Mas present to myself this year (instead of a coin) and wanted to get some opinions as to the pics. By the way, I highly recommend this camera to everyone. I have little to no experience with digital cameras and today was the first day I started taking pics! The lighting set up is 3 desk lamps with 60 watt Reveal bulbs. Little or no changes were made to the pics except for cropping and changing the size so I could upload them to NGC.


I just posted pics to my SBA Proof Registry set. What do you think?


NGC Proof SBA Set!




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Nice pics, Michael! As to your camera, I personally think that ALL major manufacturer cameras with at least 3 meg will do a good job, the rest is up to the one taking the pics (lighting, angle, filters, software, additional camera options, etc.). Having a camera with macro abilities is a necessity for taking good close-ups, though.



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Leave it to an attorney to collect SBA's! (I have NO idea what that previous sentence actually implies, but I think it sounds like a slam on attorneys. smile.gif )


More seriously, those are some nice pictures. The only quibble I have is that on some there appears to specks of dust on the holder. But in truth, I can only wish that I could take such nice pictures. It's impressive that these are essentially your first tries. When I see the nice job that you accomplished, I get the urge to buy a decent digital camera and make an attempt to take pictures of my coins. Personally I REALLY like to see pictures of others' registry sets because that way I can share in their sets. So Michael, even though I have never seen your SBA set first hand, nonetheless I have seen it and so I can vicariously share in your pleasure of your truly nice collection.


As I read your post, it seemed like you took these pictures with ease. Is that correct? Is it really that easy to make such very good pictures?



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Excellent job for a first-timer! I looked at 3 of your coins' pics, and I have some specific feedback:


1. You have a problem with glare. That glare seems to be consistently evident at the lower right periphery. Try moving the coin to the upper left of the field of view. Remember to keep your focus on the viewscreen and not on the platform.

2. You have a problem with field haze. Whether they are really there (which I doubt since these are PF69's) is immaterial since the fields are supposed to be dark. You need to adjust the contrast to get rid of that haze. (BTW, sometimes, the haze is caused by or made more pronounced by lighting issues.)

3. Some of your pics came out fuzzy. Your camera is probably set to auto-adjust, and with a two-click feature where the first click sets the focus.

4. Your pics came out with an unnatural hue that is most visible on the frosty devices. That hue seems to have a reddish tint to it. You need to get rid of that. Try playing with the saturation.

5. Make sure that your camera is properly configured for the light source.

6. The person who downplayed the importance of the camera and reminded us of the other issues: light, angle, software, etc., is on the money.


Good luck, and have fun!




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