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guess this GOLD COINS grade on the holder and your opinion of this coin

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care to evaulate 893scratchchin-thumb.gif and give your opinion on what the slabbed PCGS grade is on the holder of this coin?? and assign other attributes to this coin?


and i understand to tell anything from a scan is iffy at best


but this is all we gots on here!


now the scan which is all we got on here doesnot show the monster lustre glowing on the coin grin.gif


it has monster cartwheel lustre just like a gem mintstate common date S mint morgan dollar 893whatthe.gif


this should help you a little in your assessment of this coin 893whatthe.gif



give it a try flowerred.gif


michael shy.gif





and again 893frustrated.gifit is very hard to evaulate this coin from a scan 893frustrated.gif


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Well michael, you got my hopes up when you mentioned gold, but I am no expert on small denomination gold foreheadslap.gif This coin is very nice, solid strike, great details, no signs of wear. The pattern of the toning is extremely unusual, especially for gold, which usually has more subdued changes in coloration, more in terms of gradient, rather than well defined areas of toning as appears on this coin. That said, from the photo, I would argue that the toning takes far more from this coin than it gives back, and I would probably discount what I would be willing to pay as a result of that particular pattern (it looks like you just dug it up from your back yard). Beyond this, the pattern of toning and the sharpness of strike lead me to believe this might be on of the 30 or so proofs minted in 1879, however I cannot be sure from the photo alone. So I would guess as to grade that this one would be a PR-64.

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jtryka you are brave to go first on this coin and it is highly unusual you are correct


and also the scan makes it look like a proof but it has monster cartwheel lustre and also is strongly die clashed as the dies came together and then this coin was struck so you see the reverse clash on the obverse and the obverse clash on the reverse


the coin is a mintstate coin but close to impossible to tell in the scan


in person this coin looks totally different in terms of the "toning" on the coin it looks mucho grande in person


you have a really good eye jtryka your observstion skills are superb




i will let this run today and much later tonight i will reveal the grade and my sight seen accessment on this gold dollar





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Great strike so I thought it would be a proof..alas..I'm wrong again.


The toning is unusual but I have a number of pieces that have that violet color. I've been told by some that is somewhat "artificial" in that the coin was heated up to get that look/color. I dunno... confused-smiley-013.gif


The grade? Tough to say given the luster can't be evaluated. MS65 or 66 I guess....



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I would have guess proof also. Excellent strike and even with the magnification I can't make out anything in the way of distracting marks. The color (at least in my experience) is very unusual and I'd be interested in understanding the dynamics behind it.


That said I'd have to say MS-68.

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thankjs everyone for the astute insights mark feld you sum it up well

now i am sorry i posted this coin photo


but this coinis graded pcgs ms 65 in person this coin has monster cartwheel lustre just like a gem mintstate 79 s morgan

this gold dollar is extremely unusual as the tonnig on the coin is not really toning but an improper alloy mixture


you see this and it is uncommon in person this coin is actually very beautiful with this


the coin also has medium die clash marks and the dies for these very low mintage 1879 coins was really worn and old and also some die rust and on these coins the iber in liberty is always missing


as with this coin pcgs does not like gold dollars like this and also takes off for the die clash and worn and rusted dies


technically if you go by marks the coin is actually a point or two higher hence only the ms 65 grade and this is okie as this coin has incredible eye appeal in person sight seen


grading is subjective and pcgs by their standards this coin is only an ms65


now the improper alloy mixture on this coin looks like

crimson gold lavender and powder blue shades

extremely beautiful and rare as such


and with the monster cartwheel lustre and almost totally mark free surfaces well this coin screams eye appeal


i love the fact it is in an ms 65 pcgs holder but pcgs definately penalizes thiscoin mostly for the clashing the die rust and other die charactistics and also the alloy mixture


but if you saw the coin in person definately not a bleached or faked color coin as i have seen these coins and they all look the same and the color is in the coin under the lustre


the coin is extremely beautiful and rare as such you see this sometimes on gold so it is no brainer original mint production to me but many have not ever seen this especially so on gold dollars this improper alloy mixture is mostly seen on saint gaudens double eagles and


if you really want to see what this gold dollar looks like take a look at the pcgs ms 65 1926-d saint daudens a rare date to boot!! twenty dollar gold coin which was auctioned by heritage in the central states coin auction april 25-27 2002 this coin is pictured on the front of this catalogue the photo is superb and shows the true colors of this improper alloy mixture and is extremely beautiful if you can get this front catalogue cover the colors on the saint are exactly the colors on the gold dollar!!


these coins are undervalued like this especially so the gold dollar it does not affext the rarer saints value just makes it more pretty and it is already a rare higher priced coin


and what makes this coin special is its technical grade is again easily superb gem ++++ and pcgs just does not like clash marks and other deteriating die charactistics


and downgrades this coin but it is their standard and that is okie as it is a collectors/dealers choice to send this coin into pcgs


and i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


a sexy gold dollar from the 1870's!!!! a super low mintage coin i think 3000 low population


you get a technically super superb coin with monster chrtwheel lustre


pcgs holdered coin




a beautiful thick skin

never dipped

beautiful color

something you rarely see


and at a generic ms65 price i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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