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ONE MORE guess this coins grade on the holder and your opinion of this coin

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care to evaulate 893scratchchin-thumb.gif and give your opinion 893scratchchin-thumb.gif on what the slabbed PCGS grade is on the holder of this coin?? 893scratchchin-thumb.gif and assign 893scratchchin-thumb.gif other attributes to this coin?


and i understand to tell anything from a scan is iffy at best


but this is all we gots on here! flowerred.gif


thumbsup2.gifgive it a try! devil.gif


michael shy.gifflowerred.gifshy.gif


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Absolutely superb coin! This is the Type II version and is the toughest version to find in MS and the toughest version by far fo find with outstanding eye appeal. A completely original coin that is well struck with only minor weakness at the tops of the letters, perhaps some weakness on the upper-third of the inner shield and also possibly some on the stars directly opposite the date. It may sound like a lot is missing on this coin, however, the truth is that this is a nice piece. Similar to many others of this type, the toning is a deep blue scheme with some red or purple highlights and looks to be in the vein of toning from velvet storage. Extremely minor spotting on the reverse might have kept the coin down one MS grade, but it is trivial to suggest that this is a problem. There are what appear to be minor hits on the numeral on the reverse and really nothing to note on the obverse. Given that trimes toned this deeply are often hurt by the third party graders, I will say that the coin is 1-2 points undergraded at MS63, in the holder.

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I know nothing of trimes, but that one seems nice and original, and very solid condition, though there might be just a bit of weakness in the strike on the upper left portion of the shield. I would say this is probably graded MS-65 or MS-66, but what do I know?

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Michael, I am going to say that this is a lovely coin, and I believe this to be a PROOF silver three cent piece grading at least a PF 66. I would not call that spotting on the coin, in the sense of erosion spots. Rather, I believe this is just the pattern that the patination took when forming on the surface of this coin.




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mark feld you are allowed to guess in fact i was disappointed you did not guess at the other coins


mark let me give you an open invitation to you please always if you see any post on here by me on here please always post!!!!!!!!!!!!!


post and do not be afraid just say what you think


it would be my pleasure for you to comment on anything on here


thANKS mark and i hope you have a good holiday season


and thanks in advance mark feld for the many people including myself you have helped on here with your time and talents



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It's hard to be completely objective because I know the grade. I will try to put that aside for a moment, however.


But, before I get started, I will repeat my usual comment that "no one, no matter how expert a grader, can consistently grade accurately from images".


Now for the coin - the first thing I notice is the gorgeous color, which is quite unusual for a Type ll Silver Three Cent Piece.This is the type of color that many coins get an extra bump in grade for.


The strike is also noticeably above average - the peripheral areas and even parts of the centers are often quite weak on these.


The luster looks to be excellent / full.


As far as surface quality and imperfections, the only things I see are the very minor reverse "spotting" and a tick or two, here and there, as TomB already mentioned.


So, I'm thinking that the grade must fall within the MS64 (in case the imperfections look worse in person than in the images or in case there are hairlines on the coin which are not apparent in the images) to MS67 (in case the imperfections are unfairly magnified by the images) range.


I'll throw out the MS64 and the MS67 possibilities and, of the two choices that remain, go with an MS66, as it looks better / nicer than just about any MS65 that I've seen.

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thanks everyone all great correct replies just from a scan is amazing wow


tomb and mark feld have hit on some really important points


since i have been able to examine this coin sight seen it is easy for me as the sight seen coin in hand is much better than any scan and can be seen better but the scan is all we gots and hard to photo coins espeically toned coins to see them accurately from a scan


the coin is fully struck and even though the date is flat it is fully struck as the date clashed with the top of the reverse statrs hence the slight flatness impressed in the dies but this is one of the best most fully struck i have ever seen of a type two business strike trime


the lustre is amazing just like the lsutre on a blast white 1881 s morgan in gem the lustre comes thruogh the toning monster and the reverse toning is MONSTERE THE obverse is


superb the coin does have ever so slight tick or two on the reverse in the numeral III but the obverse is almost mark free


overall i call this coin superb gem

the color amazing

the strike amazing

the overall look/ eye appeal amazing


pcgs graded this coin


pcgs ms65


but that is okie as it is NOT maxed out in its holder


and i am sure in the right hands has room for growth lol



michael shy.gif


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Well, it's unanimous! Your coin has been chosen to be on displayed indefinitely in NGC's new "COIN GALLERY FORUM." acclaim.gif


Seriously, get the grade your coin deserves and send it to NGC!


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