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My latest addition...

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...is a BOOK!!! 893whatthe.gif I just got my copy of David Akers book on 20th Century Gold coins, and it's GREAT!!! Lots of interesting facts and statistics on every coin and date, from Indian quarter eagles to Saints. And I especially like how he ranks the relative rarity of each one by grade (though I question the accuracy given the shifting grading standards since 1988, the I think they shifted less on Saints than other issues). A lot of anecdotes and interesting details. It's been out of print for some time, but I finally found one and it came yesterday. I highly recommend it for any 20th century gold collectors if you don't already have one! thumbsup2.gif

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This reminds me that I have a bone to pick with Frau Mater Nature!


I was gonna bid one several items in the last Kolbe sale. I had painstakingly combed through the catalog -- page by page. I made notes, etc.


Then, that stupid fire caused the close date to be pushed into the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, and I totally forgot! I got busy. I have a life, ya know! I remember Keith Dagen once saying that I have no life. That is so not true!


Anyway, I missed out on even bidding! Of course, some of you may be wondering why I didn't submit my bids earlier. After all, I did have that extra several days! But, I ask you all: why do today what I can put off for tomorrow? Isn't it easier to blame the fire than to take personal responsibility?






PS Has anyone heard from KD lately?

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