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Capped Bust Half Collection to be auctioned

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About 2/3 of my Capped Bust Half collection will be auctioned off by Bower's and Merena in March, at Baltimore.


The list includes:



If you're looking for some very original Busties, gorgeous toning and difficult dates and species, they're in here.

Any questions about a particular coin, please feel free to PM me.






1807 large stars PCGS 40..................incredibly difficult to find like this (ex Laibstain) and PQ for the grade.


1807 small stars PCGS 40 ................outrageously original and well struck for the year. Gorgeou and very very hard to find like this. In fact, I doubt you WILL find one like this.


1809 IIIII edge PCGS 50....................an R 4, and fantastic original toning


1809 Overton 108 PCGS 45 R4 (TO BE EVALUATED




1809 ............PCGS 58....................probably never seen circulation, and an absolutely outstanding coin. Also, rarely found in this condition.


1810 .......... PCGS 58........................Beauty, absolute beauty, totally original, softly struck in the L wing, but everything else makes up for it, and a very hard coin to part with. You won't find another like this as well.


1811 small 8 .. PCGS 55 ..................A lustrous, nicely struck small 8

1811 LARGE 8 PCGS 55....................Obviously properly dipped long ago, lustrous, nicely toned, and not easy to find as nice as this.


1813 50/UNI NGC 50.........................Nice original 50/UNI, had a hard time finding one like this


1813.............PCGS 55......................This is an OUTSTANDING coin, total originality, beautiful blanket of chocolatey toning that has great depth and beauty. You will NOT find another like this, or if you do, snatch it up immediately.


1814 E/A PCGS 35............................Obviously dipped, and surprising amount of remaining luster for the grade. Difficult to find issue.



1814/3...........PCGS 55.....................Spectacular toning and beautiful strike. Overdate very clear. A definite collector piece.


1817 NGC 62.....................................Original, Original, Original, dark, appealing coloration.


1819 PCGS 63...................................This is a spectacular 63, both strike and overal beauty, a TRUE MS.


1819/8 LARGE 9 PCGS 40.................Very nice affordable, original, and very clean surfaces.


1820/19 CURLED 2 PCGS 50...............Absolutely OUTSTANDING and ORIGINAL coin. I hate parting with this one. I haven't seen another like it except in very high grade, and then, only rarely. This is ONE HELLUVA coin. Gorgeous thick grey toning with blushes of pink and blue silver underneath.


1820/19 SQUARE 2 PCGS 55..............Another 1820 overdate, hard to find in this grade, and very nice. All 1820's are sleeper coins.


1820 KNOBBED 2 PCGS 45 Overton 104 R4+ ..... For the specialist, the Overton 104, very, very difficult to find. ONe pops up now and then. This one is really a 50 in a 45 holder, lustrous and appealing.


1820 SQUARE 2 PCGS 55.................Real nice original coloration and another sleeper coin in a difficult grade.


1821 PCGS 62................................Stunning colorful original TRUE MS

1823 BROKEN 3 PCGS 40..............Broken 3's are NOT easy to find, especially un-fooled with. This may not be the prettiest coin, but it's a very nice one nonetheless and you'll be hard pressed to find another like it or prettier or in higher grade.

1823 PATCHED 3 PCGS 45..............Very very nicely toned 45. Again, difficult to find in this grade and in this condition.

1823 UGLY 3 PCGS 40.....................Very original, unmessed with ugly 3. Another difficult to find coin in this grade and unmolested as this one is.

1824/VARIOUS PCGS 53...................Gorgeous colorations, should be in a 55 holder, just not worth the $$ to have it regraded. I had a hard time finding one this nice, and when I found it, I bought it. So here it is.

1826 NGC 55 FATTY........................OUTSTANDING toning, spectacular surfaces and strike. Old FATTY holder to boot. Worthy of a significant premium and should be highly affordable.

1827 CURL 2 PCGS 58 EX PREMIUM.....Try to find another like it, nevermind another in 58. WOW. Another one of the many coins I am having a hard time parting with. Whoever gets this one is fortunate.


1828 CURL2NO KNO PCGS 62.An incredibly FROSTY Mint State Busty, and yes, it is Mint State and not an overgraded. AU. Beautiful to look at and doubtful you'll find one as frosty as this. (I think this would be a good example of what these coins looked like when they came off the press).........


1828 CURL2 KNOB PCGS 55...fantastically original with chocolate brown toning which has great depth and allows remaining luster to show through. VERY DIFFICULT COIN TO FIND, NEVERMIND IN THIS CONDITION. GIVE UP TRYING, HERE IT IS.


1828 SQAR2 NGC 58 FATTY.................WOW original original gorgeous toning and in a FATTY holder to boot.


I forgot to list the following coin:


1829/7 PCGS 58...................................Another WOW> not too difficult to find overdate, but EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to find this beautiful, this original. A lovely coin.



1830 SMALL 0 PCGS 62 EX PROUTY........Great double profile, ex PROUTY, true MS, totally original, fantastic toning...uh...what more can you ask?


1830 LARGE 0 PCGS 58............................I can't tell you how long it took me to find a large O like this one. Spectacularly original and gorgeously toned. I haven't found one like it since.


1831 EX PREMIUM PCGS 58 ........ Beautiful, originally toned 1831. May be a 'common date' but the condition of this one is entirely uncommon.


1834 PCGS 58..............................Well struck, very original, satiny luster, beautiful color under a light.


1835 PCGS 63 very PQ with OUTSTANDING coloration (iridescent greens) and OUTSTANDING luster and great flash, almost like a jewel. I put this coin down on a table at a coin show and the first thing the person next to me (who had GREAT experience seeing millions of coins...literally) said was "WOW. What a beautiful coin". And it is. I bought it raw thinking it was a 64, PCGS gave it a 63. It does have some cabinet friction but I reviewed this coin with John Albanese and it was CAC stickered at the show.


A note on CAC stickering. Some of the coins in here may be CAC stickered, honestly, I didn't keep track of it. I brought 15 coins to the free CAC thing at a show in CT, and all 15 were stickered. I sold several of them and they weren't all Busties. I contemplated CAC stickering my collection before putting it up for auction, but I don't put as much into do this, and to me, I don't need it, whether choosing or selling a coin. I have no question (although, of course, I couldn't guarantee it), that 99% of what I have up for sale would CAC sticker. In all seriousness. I spent years looking for these coins, and upgraded and downgraded in order to find a coin that really had something to say. Grade was not, and is not an issue with me. Never was. So be assured, a lot of thought went into each coin in this collection.


1836/86 PCGS 58.........................this is a totally outstanding coin. They rarely exists like this. totally original, and a 58+++. A VERY HARD coin to part with. A very rare find and one that I would not trade for an MS 64.


1836 BEADED PCGS 50 .................the beaded reverse is not that easy to find and this is a very nice AU50 example.


also some sitting liberty quarters, all outstanding



1873-S 25C arrows pcgs 40 (you won't find another like it)

1845 25C pcgs 45

1890 25C pcgs 50




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Let me introduce my coins, for anyone not familiar with them (this is a self serving advertisement)


This 1809 Bustie is one of the most stunning golden flash nicely skinned with remarkably clean surfaces, that probably never saw circulation. It is in a PCGS AU58 holder, and I purchased this coin from Premium Numismatics.


I really love this coin, and hate parting with it. When I say 'skin', trust me, there is a nice skin on this coin. I've had dealers try to sell me coins, saying there was a thick skin. When I'd recieve the coin, it would be hairlined from a wipe, no skin, maybe great toning, but who wants that if the coin is cra p?


This is a stunning coin and PQ for the grade. I seriously doubt you'd find another like it. No Kidding.




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Here's the 1809 IIII edge, this is an Overton 107a, which is an R 4. You can find a lot of nice, unmolested, busties in the old ANACS holders. I found this one in an ANACS 53 holder, stupendous coloring, totally natural, unfooled with unmolested. I cracked it out so I could photograph it and sent it in to PCGS where they graded it an AU 50. The coin is superb, and at a grade level for the IIII edge, where you can get rarity at an affordable price. But, in terms of toning and originality, there is no price. That, is totally grade independant, if not rare.


This coin can speak for itself, and is outstanding.




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I keep checking the darned B&M website, and haven't seen the catalog yet! As mentioned previously, I have a couple of really strong bidders for particular CBHs, and it sounds like you have some perfect candidates for them.

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Thanks. I think BM just came out with their Portaland catalogue, so the Baltimore one isn't even ready yet. When it's online, I'll post the link.


Here is another one that will be in the March BM auction, the Large Stars 1807 Overton 114.

Believe me when I say it is NOT easy to find one of these entirely unmolested.

I bought this one from Harry Laibstain, thick skinned and with very clean surfaces for the grade.

It grades a PCGS 40, very scarce at that grade level, and ranks an R3 according to the BHNC. It's really still, a very undervalued coin, a lot scarcer than generally believed, a great sleeper, and a must have for a complete Bust Half Collection.




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Another difficult to find 1807 is the small star variety. This coin was previously held by a member of this board, and I obtained it from Premium Numismatics. Gorgeously dark chestnut brown toned that is simply just lovely. Graded a PCGS 40, PQ in every way for the grade, and rarely found in this condition. Another very desirable 1807. Well struck for the series with all star centrils, as well as clasp and the notorious Left Eagle wing.




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Mike, if you are trying to wip us into a frenzy over this auction, you are succeeding. I'm salivating like Pavlov's dogs right now, man. I only wish there were some of these *absolutely perfect gems* that I could afford!

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Another difficult to find 1807 is the small star variety. This coin was previously held by a member of this board, and I obtained it from Premium Numismatics. Gorgeously dark chestnut brown toned that is simply just lovely. Graded a PCGS 40, PQ in every way for the grade, and rarely found in this condition. Another very desirable 1807. Well struck for the series with all star centrils, as well as clasp and the notorious Left Eagle wing.




PM sent.

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Another 1809 being auctioned is the Overton 108 PCGS 45

It's an R4, but I don't know whether it's a XXXX or a IIII edge.

We're having it cracked out at PCGS to find out


I didn't take these photos, so my apologies






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This is an 1810 Overton 102, which is an R2. The coin grades PCGS 58, though, I doubt it's ever seen circulation. I have to say that this is one of the most beautiful Bust Halves I've ever laid eyes on. Again, another unmolested, un-fooled with Bust Half. Gorgeous toning and crisp beautiful hair curls, that to me, just makes the coin. Personally, I feel this coin is all I could want in an 1810. Did I say beautiful?




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I also have this 1811 large 8 up for auction as well. It grades a PCGS 55, overall beautiful, with tremendous luster, beautiful peripheral toning and great great die cracks and clash marks for studying. I had a hard time finding a large 8. You can even see the die flow lines peripherally, which is in part why this coins is so gorgeously lustrous.






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This is the 1811 small 8, a nice frosty one w ith a lovely bluish/steel/grey patina, that I picked up in one of the Baltimore shows. It grades a PCGS AU55.

Not an easy date to find like this, and worth the search.




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Another coin that will be for auction in March thru BM is my 1813 graded PCGS55

There are TONS of 1813's auctioned off thru Heritage...why, just look at the archives.

I reviewed the archives this morning.


They're all harilined fugly dipped out 1813's in both AU55 and AU58 (except for one possibly decent on in PCGS58 out of ALL the rest) I'm amazed at what people bid on.


WHOLLY ORIGINAL and unmolested

I got this coin thru one of the early Legend auctions

Still lustrous in the protected areas, with a golden metallic iridescence. Just beautiful.

Magnificent surfaces for any grade up to 63. NOthing hidden.

This is a great, organic, Bust Half




To me, this was the piece de resistance of my collection, but only got a couple of lines from the cataloguer. The coin drips of originality and untouched surfaces with deep chestnut patina and golden luster in the protected areas. I love this coin, and hope it finds a nice home where it is appreciated


LOT 992 *********** my photo is more representative of it's true coloration

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Oh gosh...thanks, and there are a lot of affordable coins in auction.


I'll try to get all the coins I'm having auctioned off by BM, posted on this message board because their photos don't really show the coin for what it is.


This is the 1813 50/UNI


not so easy to find



this one is NGC XF 45


hard to find one like this, unmolested, natural, clean surfaces without those fkng hairlines at this grade level.


Very nice piece R4 and not easy by any means if not elusive





LOT 990 **************************

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I'm going to jump to my two 1836's by request, and then get back to the other dates at a later time.


The 1836 with the Beaded Reverse is a PCGS 50, nice, organic looking coin with a more chestnutty brown tone than the BM photo reveals. It's an R1, but you don't find these very often at all, especially unmolested like this one.





[s=LOT 1051 **************]https://secure.bowersandmerena.com/auctions/lot_detail.aspx?auctionno=13180&sessionno=1&catno=40&searchstring=&lotno=1051[/s]


What follows is the 1836/1336 in a state of preservation that I doubt you will ever see again. Seriously. It was a luxury to find a coin like this. The coin, by the way, is entirely original, and outstanding in every way. I just love this coin.








LOT 1052 **********************

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lol, James, I need all the help I can get!!! lol


I'd been looking for an 1814/3 for quite a long time. Difficult time finding the 'right' coin. You know, my collecting habits, within a set, allowed for quite a lot of variability in the 'kinds' of coins. My rationale was that with this species of coin, i.e., the Capped Bust Half, there are SO MANY toning parameters that each coin is an individual entity. I mean, it's like their .. I don't know, 'different' from other coins. There's a character to be expressed with what can go on with silver, and that era of minting, while they had problems, lot's of them, in the US MINT, gave us collectors a great opportunity. Die marriages, which are phenomenal study with Bust Half material are only part of the story these coins can tell. The stage of the die, the kind of silver used, the different kinds of toning depending on how they were stored. An amazing plethora of differnt kinds of beauty.


The first 1814/3 I bought was a beauty, an AU50 CAC stickered (for whatever that means, because to me it bears no relevance, though, I understand what they are trying to do) from, oh gosh, I forget his name...while at a Baltimore auction. Shortly thereafter, and 1814/3 in AU53 became available through Osburn, which he described as colorful, which indeed it was, so I traded up and here it is:





Even those photos don't do it justice, you have to see it, and very pretty it is.


Now the BM photos are a bit washed out but their description is pretty good:


LOT 993 ++++++++++++++



It's only an R2, but I had a helluva time finding it.

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I'll introduce the 1817 that's up for auction with BM in March.

Organic original and unfooled with

Gorgeous toning if you like them this way

Graded NGC MS62


Lovely coin






gorgeous strike, great surfaces, great original flavor



LOT 997 ************************


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This is a really beautiful, and needless to say, fully original 1819/8 large 9 in PCGS XF 40. I bought this for my collection at another Baltimore show, and it is a truly lovely representative of this overdate FOR ANY GRADE! Which is why I snatched this one up as soon as I found it.










LOT 1000 **********************

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Another Bustie I'm auctioning thru BM this month is a GREAT coin. Firstly, it's an 1819 101a which is an R3, and in PCGS 63, is probably condition census for this die marriage (BHNC members please correct me if I'm wrong). Lustrous, original, unmolested, true MS. Extraordinary surfaces for the grade. Very nice thin blanket of toning allowing full luster to come through. This is a spectacular coin.





LOT 1001***************


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There were only 751,122 minted this year (including the 20/19),

which is less than the 1814, but just a wee bit more than the 1807.

Still using the 1817-1825 Sub Design #4, this constituted six

obverse and seven reverse dies producing eight distinct die





totally undervalued and rarer than the market knows at this time.

that won't last for long.


All of these coins were very difficult for me to obtain in the condition that they are in.


1820 square 2 Overton 108 Rarity 2 PCGS 55


f all the different kinds of "2's" that were used in the 1820 Bust Halves (the curled base "2", and the two different square base "2's"; the square base knobbed top and the square base curled top), the square base curled top is supposedly the least scarce variety, although still scarce in and of it's own.


Overton suggests that the low mintage of all the 1820 Capped Bust Halves (751,122) is due to increased mintage of small denomination silver coinage for that year.


There are only three varieties of the square base curled top (or no knob) two. This is Overton 108, the hallmarks of which include a recut star #5 and a "2" that leans towards the left. The reverse shows leaves and berries that are doubled.


This particular coin is a lovely silver with an overlay of russet-orange toning which concentrates at the periphery.






LOT 1006


1820 knobbed 2 Overton 104 PCGS 45 (should be a 50) Rarity 4+

ex Sheridan Downey

Chicago ANA 1999.





LOT # 1004



20/19 curl Overton 102 PCGS AU50


To me, one of the MOST stupendous coins in my collection with outrageous originality, the truist of true depth with underlying blushes of pink and blue on the silver.





LOT # 1003 ************


20/19 square Overton 101a Rarity 3 PCGS AU 53


The 1820/19 Square 2 overdate is supposed to be of a rarity greater than that of the overdate with the 2 having a Curled base. At least, from looking at auction archives, this roughly (for all grades, using Heritage auctions for the past 2 years, I found about twice as many curled 2's offered than the square base 2's) seems to be the case, though, finding them without damage from cleaning is difficult in either case.


The square based overdate at one time was thought to be an 1820/18/19, later 'determined' to be 1820/19, but then again, Souders discusses the possibility of it indeed being an 1820/18/19 overdate, and his questions about it make sense.


The projected mintage (for both the Overton 101 and 102), according to Souders, is 187,780, and he believes that combined, there are only about 1100-1300 extant.





LOT 1002 ****



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What is the date of this auction again?


I think the internet bidding is open now auction . Internet bidding appears to close at 2:00 P.M. on 3/26. Then the live bidding is that evening starting at 6:00P.M. Is all of that correct Mike?

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Yes, the 26th is the day.


I want to introduce the 1821 in PCGS 62, an Overton 107, Rarity 2.


The coin is lustrous, beautifuly colored and unfooled with.


I bought this coin from Mike Printz, and hope he doesn't mind using his photos, as I didn't take my own, subject to his accuracy and better picture taking. I'll also include the PCGS true view, which pre-existed my buying this coin.







LOT 1008 **************

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