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What do you think happened to this penny?

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Unless it was re-plated, you know that it wasn't ground or sanded.

It doesn't have a re-plate look about it. Looks like a cool coin. Possibly not enough pressure at striking.



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Any thoughts on what happened to this penny!!


Speculation is that those striations are the result of the blank strip getting hung up somehow in the blanking feeder. Being forced through causes almost a sanding effect on the top and bottom of the sheet.

If this were near the end or beginning of the sheet, it could also have been just a bit thinner than the rest of the strip which would account for the weakness of the strike.


This definitely occured before the coin was struck since the striations run in the exact same direction and is not the result of post mint damage.


You've got a keeper and if you are really curiouis about what happened, you might consider sending it to CONECA for evaluation and attribution. Those guys are the experts.



Edited to add: If the coin was suffering from PMD you could tell imeediately since these coins have only a thin copper plating. Any abrasive action on the coin would have the zinc underbody shining through.


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also, if it was sanded the tops of the rims would have suffered damage as well... and they look normal to me


The rims are fine and are not damaged in anyway!!

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